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Some Sketches


Between a never-ending to-do list of projects and presents and the ever-growing tension I’m having at work, I’ve really needed some time to just check out. I didn’t even take the time to grab the fancy-schmancy drawing pencils… just a mechanical pencil and my sketch book and just started sketching anything that I felt like drawing. It’s a rather random assortment, and I probably won’t even stop with these. I don’t even care that they are terribly thrown together. I just needed a break.


I promise there are better things on the horizon.




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I’m baaaack!


My….it has been awhile. I took a little time off from the blogosphere to collect myself and have some personal time. I’ve now gone through graduation, a lovely vacation, and also found true happiness (perhaps the greatest accomplishment). I am feeling very solid where I stand in life. I’ve regained a sense of creativity and motivation, so hopefully this will be a summer full of projects.

I know I left you all dangling just as I was getting ready to finish my final project for the intro painting class. It was quite a fun semester, and I’ll share with you now some of the paintings I was able to do. Be warned, painting is not my strong suit. In fact, the only one I am truly happy with is the Zombie Katy graphic novel piece. It’s sentimental to me, and now it hangs above my bed at home…for how much longer though, I don’t know…as that’s my next big step, a big move out on my own. So much excitement coming soon. 🙂




More zombies? YES!


For our final painting in class (I’m still working on the others, so there will be pics eventually), we could basically choose to do whatever we wanted as long as it has some significance to us and we can relate it to another artist’s style. Since I’m in no way, shape, or form an art major, I wanted to relate my final project to what I’ve been working with in the English department – the idea of fear and horror in young adult literature. My niece is far from being a young adult, but she has really inspired the idea since she is following the same path I did as a child – enjoying anything scary or grotesque. One thing she is particularly enjoying right now are zombies and other monsters.
I’ve also spent a lot of time working with graphic novels in my classes over the past few years, but I’ve really always enjoyed the artwork. I was hooked on manga when I was younger, but now my interests have moved on into the work of those such as Alan Moore and Frank Miller.
So I thought…what would be cooler than my niece as a zombie in a graphic novel? Nothing, that’s the answer. Nothing could be cooler than that. So I began doing the basic sketch and then transferring it to my canvas. The colors will be very flat and hopefully end up looking very graphic novel-esque.
Just fyi — this is merely the base, there will be two smaller panels attached to this canvas. One will be a close up of her otter toy and the other will be a close up of the fanged little bloody zombie mouth. I will also be including two lines from William Blake’s Augeries of Innocence that I think fit appropriately, “Some are born to sweet delight,/ Some are born to endless night.” Unfortunately, I don’t have these sketched out yet, but you’ll see them when I have the finished product.

Original sketch


A classmate caught this photo while I was putting the image to the canvas.


More updates to come soon!

More Zombie Fun


First and foremost, Jenks would like to say, “Hai!”


Now, cute cat picture aside, it’s on to more art journaling.

Last night I was working on how to combine my life experiences with how I want to work to promote libraries in the future. I still believe that this big monster madness trend is prime pickings for opportunities to get people involved. Vampires and werewolves are overdone, so why not zombies? For instance, I once participated in a “Zombie Walk” while performing in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cast and audience members were treated to theatrical zombie makeup and then paraded down the street from the coffee shop to the theatre. Why not adapt a zombie walk to a library? Especially in a big college town where a theatre department could lend a help with makeup and “blood showers”. Lead discussion of Pride & Prejudice versus Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? Pretty sure there are also plenty of films based on zombie lit, too. So getting lost in all this daydreaming, I started doodling….


Fun stuff 🙂 Here’s a fun flashback to the one and only zombie walk I participated in…oh so many years ago…lol


Zombie Madness


It seems like everyone today is struck with zombie madness. From adding zombies to Pride & Prejudice to the Glee performance of Thriller/Heads Will Roll. It’s interesting to look at our society when our interests shift to the monster variety – zombies, vampires, werewolves. What does that say about us? I’m as big a fan as any, so although it’s not a current project and it’s technically unfinished, I really wanted to share a few pics of one monster of a project (hardy har har).

I started working on this back in November, but haven’t been able to put the finishing touches on it yet. I found porcelain baby doll heads (from Germany, according to the seal) on a Goodwill trip. I had no clue what I would do with them, but for fifty cents, who could resist?


One friend suggested painting them, and then the idea struck us at the same time…ZOMBIES! I must say, even without the paint, the baby heads were slightly creepy. I decided to just start with one and save the other for a future project.


Creepy, eh? It gets creepier when it becomes all zombiefied. I used several layers of acrylic paint, and the way it dried and flaked some gave it an extra creepy effect. Did I mention you can spin the head all the way around? Freaky! My only remaining plan for this is to add some sort of tea light holder down in the center so that I can light a candle and the eyes will light up. Super spooky!