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Progress on Crochet Gifts for Baby Lena!


Original 3

Oh lordy, my hands are THROBBING! I’m pretty sure my crochet hooks are out to get me, or maybe my friends are. Unfortunately for me, my two best friends (both named Sarah) are experiencing major life changes in the coming months – one Sarah is tying the knot and the other Sarah is having a baby girl. Both their showers are a week apart in June, so I am desperately crocheting my fingers off. I’ve finished a lot of little projects for the baby, but I’m falling majorly behind on wedding gifts. To take a break from feeling like my hands are about to fall off though, I decided to share a few of the baby projects I’m working on. There are a lot more that need to be done, but -whew- I’ve at least made it this far.

Original 2

The slippers originally started out as my first ever attempt at booties. If you couldn’t tell, it failed miserably, but I salvaged it into a somewhat acceptable pair of buttoned slippers. I’m not sure what it was, whether I just wasn’t reading the pattern correctly or the yarn wasn’t cooperating, but I could at least repeat the mistake twice to make a matching pair.



This is the first headband I’ve made to match the slippers. I’d still like to make another one with possibly turquoise and white flowers.

The headband is all double crochets 8 wide using I believe the 5.5mm hook.
The white flower:

chain 4, slip stitch to first chain to create your magic circle

chain 3 and slip stitch inside ring – repeat x4

slip stitch into first petal round, chain 3, 3 dc, chain 3, slip stitch into same petal round

slip stitch into next petal round, chain 3, 3 dc, chain 3, slip stitch into same petal round, repeat until you have five petals. slip stitch to close.

with regular needle and thread, sew button onto center of flower

with yarn needle connected to the tail of the white yarn, sew the flower onto the headband.


Original 4

Here’s the baby sized version of my rose headband that you can find out how to do from my other post, Easy Crochet Headband w/ Flower. Still no booties to go with this one, as I have yet to figure out my mistake on the last pair. Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of booties soon.


Original 5

Here’s the completed winter weight baby blanket made with chunky yarn. It’s so soft and warm, but took so much yarn to make! By the last few rounds, it was taking a whole skein just to get through one round. Therefore, I made it a little smaller than I would have liked.


Original 6

Lastly, here’s a work still in progress. I started this summer weight blanket before we found out Sarah was having a girl, and I tried to make it gender neutral but still bright, fun colors. I really like the purple, turquoise, and white together, but it worries me she might not find it gender neutral enough. Oh well, it’s almost complete! I found a pattern for a crochet unicorn baby toy I’d like to do in these colors as well, but I doubt I’ll have time to squeeze that one in.

I guess it’s probably about time for some aspirin, compression gloves, and back to work for me. These gifts aren’t going to make themselves (but oh how I wish!)



Yarn Wreath


IMG 3018

After seeing so many pictures of creative variations of a yarn wreath, I finally decided to make my own. I knew the colors that I wanted and how I wanted it to look, but was clueless as to how to put it together. When I’d ordered some styrofoam wreath forms online, I was disappointed to discover that the wreath forms were actually flat on all sides – not at all the look I was going for. I wanted the nice, round, traditional wreath. The wreath forms were then put to the side to be reevaluated for future crafts. Back to the drawing board, I started looking for other options. While browsing the aisles of Walmart, my dad actually made the suggestion – foam insulated door stoppers. Having no clue what he meant, we left the craft department and headed over to home repair – not a place I spend a lot of time browsing. There, I found those foam insulated door stoppers and was even more thrilled that they cost less than $3 for (I believe) three of them. Fantastic!

During an afternoon while Mister was at work, I got down to business putting together my little yarn wreath creation. I bent the foam insulation into the circle shape and used my packing tape to secure it in place. With my glue gun on its lowest setting, I set to work winding my brown yarn all around the wreath, securing every few inches with a dab of glue. Readers! – Be careful to really only use a dab. Even on low low low heat, the foam still got a little melty.

IMG 3017


My crochet roses are the same ones that you can learn to do by clicking this link to my blog post that refers to my flowered headband how-to. They are also attached with hot glue.

IMG 3020

The little flowers are crocheted by putting 5 3-chain stitch loops into a magic circle and creating double crochet petals using the same method as the above roses. The buttons are then glued into the center. The wooden letter was another Walmart score, and is also the first letter of Mister’s last name, as this wreath hangs in his front window.

The entire wreath was put together in one afternoon, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I can’t wait to make more wreaths very soon, especially some that are themed for the holidays.

Crochet Rose Scarf


IMG 1673

As the holidays grow closer and closer, Creative Chronicle is getting utterly bogged down with a DIY Christmas To-Do list. Seriously folks, it’s outrageous over here. Somehow (mostly thanks to Pinterest), I keep finding new ideas that I want to do and make in time for Christmas. Sadly, most of these won’t make the deadline. This little rose scarf however did manage to squeeze itself in. I needed a quick thank you gift to give to a woman at my office that had done some crafty work for me on a present for Mister’s little brother. She’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to share pictures (once I’m sure that no sneaky family members will spy them) of her handywork. To show my gratitude though, I settled in with my crochet hook and pieced together this lovely little piece of work.

IMG 1676

The scarf is made primarily of just a pure double crochet design, 15 stitches wide. The crochet rose is the same one I use in my Easy Crochet Headband w/ Flower. The leaves I had to teach myself how to do by watching this Youtube video; however, I did not do the entire leaf as demonstrated in the video. I stopped after going down each side once instead of making the leaf any larger. All that was left to do was attach the leaves and flowers using my yarn needle, and TAH-DAH! A simple scarf that will (hopefully) stun! This is one present I’m looking forward to delivering. Now that the thank you present is finished, it’s back to working on those pesky Christmas gifts. Best of luck in all your DIY Christmas adventures! Feel free to share your own completed present projects.

IMG 1678

Crochet Marathon


Have you ever reached that pointed where everything in your life that possibly could go wrong, is going wrong? That’s how it felt for Mister and I myself after the demise of my beloved VW bugmobile. All I wanted to do was take a break, step away, check out from real life for a little while. At that point, I was wishing for a form of human hibernation, in which you could just go to sleep when all the stress piles up and wake up when life is back to normal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. Instead, we’ll settle for at least a temporary distraction from all of the insanity. 

We picked up the crochet hooks, flipped on a marathon of Golden Girls episodes, and barely spoke for hours.  Every now and then one of us would stop our own project to admire the other’s or to contemplate which Golden Girl was our favorite (I believe we finally settled on Sophia, but it’s still really up in the air…). It’s wonderful to me to find so much comfort in all that Mister and I share, even when we act like a goofy old couple. It means everything to me being able to take a time out from everything together and share in simple joys like crochet and sitcoms about old women who live together. It gave us the time we needed to get our heads on straight about what needed to be done next, and it also resulted in some fun little crochet projects.

IMG 1287 IMG 1294IMG 1288

IMG 1326IMG 1315

(my apologies for the hastily taken iPod pictures…spur of the moment)

Easy Crochet Headband w/ Flower


IMG 0578

This weekend, I will be working a booth at a local Walk for the Cure Breast Cancer Awareness walk. I’ve never been the girly-girl whose closet is filled with pink, so tonight I set out to make myself a headband that will totally have me rocking the pink Saturday. I know a lot of the basic crochet stitches but nothing too extravagant…so this entire headband (flower included) consists of only chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch. I used a size I crochet hook (5.50 mm), yarn needle, Peaches & Cream pink yarn (headband), and Red Heart red yarn (flower). 

How did I do it though? By the power of Google, of course! Here are the tutorials I used.

The headband is simply made with chain stitches and single crochets:

Crochet Pattern: Absolutely Easy Ear Warmer

The flower I am especially proud of since I thought it would be far too complicated for me to ever do. WRONG! So simple, especially after following along with this video. 

How to Crochet a Easy Pretty Rose Flower

There you go! All you need to create your own beautiful (and beautifully simple!) crochet flower headband. Enjoy! I know I will! Plenty more headbands on my horizon!

IMG 0585