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Mustache Espresso Mugs for the Bride & Groom


Have you seen the adorable mustache mugs that seem to be floating everywhere around the internet? Well, my bff Sarah was having her wedding shower, and I was running out of ideas for gifts that could be made within a short time frame. I turned to her etsy wishlist, figuring that if I couldn’t make what I wanted to in time, I could at least purchase her some of the things she’d wanted. That would be where mustache espresso mugs popped up. There were a few people selling identical sets, but once I combined the cost and the shipping, the pricetag was looking pretty hefty. So I started seeking alternatives… It would stand to reason that if multiple people were selling identical colored espresso mug sets with the same plates, the same mugs, and the same stand, that the set must exist somewhere out there on the wide open interweb for people to purchase minus the cool looking staches.

Guess what? I was right. World Market sells this fantastic set online for a fraction of the price you’d pay for ones with added staches.  My thought – BOOYAH! I got this. I’ll just make my own….. and that I did.

A quick trip to A. C. Moore, and I had a small sheet of black vinyl in hand. From there, I handed it over to my sister and her husband, who own the most miraculous machine I’ve ever seen (and am also very jealous of) – The Silhouette. If you haven’t seen this thing, you need to. Immediately.  Think of the Cricut but without all of those cartridges you constantly have to purchase. The Silhouette works through your computer and cuts just about anything from paper to vinyl. You can use their software which includes several free images for your use, purchase others that they have (most of which are $0.99), or if you’re familiar with creating your own vector art – you can plug in your own images! HOW FLIPPIN’ COOL!!! So there you go, that’s how I got a sheet of these serious staches. Of course, we had to do mustaches in several sizes since I was running low on time and didn’t know the exact size I would need by the time the mugs would arrive.

Now, most sets you see only put the vinyl mustaches on the cups. I, however, decided to make the set even more stache-tastic, and included a matching mustache on the plates.


How awesome are those? These are definitely a gift that I’d want to keep for myself, but they are so simple I could definitely make them again for myself (and most likely will).  As for how they hold up, I gave them all a good rub down to see how well they would stand up against regular use. The vinyl stayed put, and as long as these dishes are hand washed, they should last for quite awhile. If you make these for someone you know, just be sure to remind them to hand wash only!


Just FYI – As you can see, the package says “red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, and BROWN”. This, my loves, is a LIE. The last mug is most certainly BLACK. So black, in fact, that it would be great if you had a different color vinyl to make the mustache stand out on that one. I did not, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. The bride loved them (and the other handmade gift – which I’ll be posting asap), so that’s what matters!


It’s been a crazy couple of days. The day before last, I started working on this blog post, and I had the majority of it finished other than adding links and such. I had planned on finishing and posting it yesterday after returning from my coworker’s birthday celebration that we were having on my boss’s boat in the middle of a beautiful lake. Well, you may or may not have heard the news, but the East Coast got hit with a pretty nasty storm. So nasty infact, that it pretty much felt like going through a tornado WHILE ON A LAKE. I’d like to say that I kept my cool under pressure, but I’d be wrong, and I hate to be wrong. It was in fact ridiculously scary. Not only that, but once we finally made it out of that hellish situation, I returned home to be without power for over 24 hours. So, here I am, finally getting to share this post with you…and also an adorable picture of Otis helping us to remove all the debris from the fallen tree limbs in the yard.

For those (many) of you still without power, my thoughts are with you. Keep cool, and do what I did today, get crafty! It doesn’t require electricity, and at least you feel like you did something other than spend the day counting how many minutes you’ve gone without air conditioning. I lost count. Pioneer woman, I am not.


My DIY Christmas Gifts


IMG 2271
(Christmas Eve night with Mister’s family)

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas full of joy and love, and I hope that you all got something special you were hoping for. I know I certainly did. Mister and I had about five different Christmas celebrations between Christmas Eve and Christmas day, and although travels were stressful, we got to share the holidays with many wonderful people. Now that Christmas is over and (the majority of) gifts have been given out, I can finally share with you the special gifts that I gave to those I love and care for that had that special DIY touch. I honestly believe that the presents that have extra time and handmade love put into them are the ones that mean the most. What all did I end up making? Well, let’s take a look.

IMG 2147

This was the first ever afghan I’ve ever made. It’s crocheted in a never ending granny square, which I learned by watching this video on Youtube. (Just FYI – check out some of the other videos from mikeyssmail for some other fantastic crochet tutorials) I made this one for Mister’s family, and I think they really enjoyed it. His little brother even slept under it Christmas Eve night.

IMG 2315

Unfortunately, I ran out of time to finish the afghan I started for my sister. I did, however, give her a picture of her future gift-in-progress.

IMG 2162


IMG 2231

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down with my pencils and tried to draw anything at all, so I was really just hoping for the best here. I wanted to do something special for Mister’s brother and his girlfriend, and Mister really liked my portrait idea. While I’m not completely happy with it (which I don’t think I ever really am when it comes to any drawings), they were really happy with it and thought it looked just like them.

IMG 2310

Another special portrait I couldn’t really take credit for. While I have to have a photo of the subjects posed just the way I want them to look, my brother in law luckily doesn’t. So when I came up with an idea for another gift, I turned to him for assistance. When Mister’s Nanny passed away, his whole family was heartbroken. At the gravesite, Mister’s mother was crying, and he put his hand up on her shoulder and sang “Amazing Grace”, a family favorite especially for Nanny. Later, his mother sent him a text saying how that was a moment that should would never want to forget…so for Christmas I wanted to give her something that would always help her remember. Major thanks to my brother in law for making my vision for this portrait a reality. I absolutely loved presenting this gift. Not many pictures were taken at this point since we were all lost in happy tears. 

IMG 2333

Personalized Presents

IMG 1931

Another fun gift I can only take credit for the concept…Mister’s little brother is developing an interest in the culinary arts, and I wanted to have a fun DIY present for him. A friend at work has a sister who owns one of the super duper heavy duty embroidery machines, and I asked her if it would be possible to put his name on a chef’s hat. I explained that I wanted to stuff it with kitchen goodies. Much to my surprise, she also made an apron to match and had his name put on the pockets. Such a fun, simple gift that was definitely enjoyed.

IMG 2328

Another personalized present came along as somewhat of an accident. I was at an auction and snuggies were up for bid for very very cheap. The auctioneer said the color of the snuggie was blue, as that was what was pictured. It wasn’t until I got home with my new snuggie that I noticed “Support Your City – Pittsburgh” labeled on the box. “Uh-oh,” I thought, and opened it to discover a black and gold snuggie with Pittsburgh embroidered on the pocket. That just wouldn’t do. I’m not a sports fan, and neither is Mister, but black and gold are the colors of his fraternity. One seam ripper and some iron-on letters later, the AXN snuggie was born and was a major hit with Mister.

IMG 2373




IMG 2038

This was by far the best received gift, and I couldn’t be more thrilled about the emotional response it received. My sister saw a pin on Pinterest of an idea to have your little girl photographed in your wedding dress (it also suggests that one day you can display it at her wedding). My sister merely mentioned it once how much she’d love to have pictures done of my neice like that, and the lightbulb went off. How difficult could it really be? The only difficult part was getting my neice away from my sister long enough to play a little bit of dress up. I have to give my neice credit, she was a fantastic secret-keeper as well. She told me that she had told mommy that she and Aunt E were going to do crafts so she told me we had to do at least one craft so she wouldn’t be lying to mommy. I had wanted to get one printed on canvas, but aside from not being able to pick just one, it had taken until the last few days before Christmas to be able to sneak my neice away, which didn’t leave much time for printing. Instead, I got a few small favorites framed and tried out the faux canvas printing at the local Walmart, which I had a coupon for (woohoo!). I’ll refrain from posting all the pictures of my sister’s extremely emotional reaction, but let’s just say I’m pretty much the best sister ever. 🙂

IMG 2438

I hope you all had a fantastic holiday, and have a happy New Year. Best wishes to you all! There’s sure to be many more adventures for Creative Chronicle in the new year…

All You Need is Love



It’s funny to look back on it now. Mister and I met in the fall of 2008, but only recently ended up together. Back then, he says he used to tell one of his frat brothers that if he ever had a chance to date me, he was going to marry me. It’s funny because at the same time, despite being in a relationship already, I told every girl who pledged my sorority on the night that they would meet him as part of a little brother activity that I would kill to have a chance with him. They all laugh about it now since they all knew how crazy I was for him. I figured I’d never have a shot, and he thought the same (for some crazy reason, I’m sure) about me. We both made our way through some failing relationships until eventually we found each other, and he certainly is making good on his statement to his frat brother.
It wasn’t very long that we were together before he told me that he wanted to spend his life with me, and to me it makes perfect sense. I have never been as happy as I am with him. We are a perfect match for each other. Our families and friends have known it since they first saw it together, and they have all been encouraging a wedding in the near future (not as near as some may like though – some family members have even encouraged running off and getting hitched immediately!). I used to not be able to picture myself getting married, couldn’t visualize it at all or even what I would want it to be like. Now, that’s changed. Mister and I make little wedding plans all the time when an idea strikes us for something creative and original. Piece by piece a hippie barefoot wedding is coming together, and a ring isn’t even on my finger yet. It’s not intimidating to either of us, since we know that no one could ever love either of us more than what we feel for each other. I honestly can’t see myself ever living without him. All we need is each other.