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Our Hippie Dippie Easter


IMG 2160

–Otis says Happy Easter in his adorable Easter bow tie–

You should see the amount of projects piling up around here, finished and unfinished. There are so many special events happening all at once. One friend has a birthday next week and really wants one of the Secret Compartment Wooden Book Boxes. Another friend’s wedding shower is coming up in just a couple short months, and I’ve already had to go back to the drawing board on my gift because I’d be ashamed to show you all what an epic crochet fail I had (twice). Then i have another friend who recently found out she’s about to have a baby girl (so exciting!), which means dozens of baby projects (I already have two blankets in progress). So many projects, so little time!

When Easter rolled around, it was nice to take a day off to do something different for a change. For the first year ever, my family didn’t do the mad dash cleaning and cooking spree. Instead, we packed up some finger foods and sandwich goodies, and we were off to the lake for an Easter picnic. Mister and myself made these excellent “Pig Skins” – potato boats with pulled pork inside. Delicious! (I apologize for iPod photos here, I didn’t pull out my fantastic camera until the picnic, and by then the pig skins were gobbled up!)

IMG 2135

We all went on a hike around the lake with my little niece toting all of her bug catching equipment I’d picked out for her family Easter basket – the one that doesn’t come from the bunny. As excited as she was to wave around her little net and try to catch butterflies, she wasn’t nearly as excited when we spotted this millipede creeping through the leaves.

Original 26

I am pretty proud of her though. When we had hiked for awhile and everyone else wanted to turn back, she wanted to keep on exploring. She is just too cute.

Original 57

When we got home, Mister and I figured the weather was still perfect enough for a little tie dye extravaganza. We filled up the bottles, tied up some shirts, and set to work! It’s been almost a year since our last Hippie Tie Dye Adventure.

Original 62

Original 64

Original 65

Here’s Mister hard at work on a splatter painted shirt:

Original 68

Even the paper towels we used to clean up the mess looked neat and psychedelic, so we dried them out to reuse later in some project.

Original 69

All in all, I think the shirts turned out pretty cool. Wish mine had had a little less white, but Mister wrapped them a little too tight. I won’t even show you our epic  fail at tie dyeing the big fluffy robes I’d wanted to dye then embroider. Needless to say, those will need to be redone. The shirts however are ready to be worn in all their hippie glory.

Original 76

Hope your Easter was as much fun as ours! Oh, and here’s a peek at the Easter basket I made for Mister. You can never go wrong with wine 😉

IMG 2157


Hippie Tie Dye Adventure


Mister and I have been itching to try out tie dying some clothing, and for it being the first time for both of us, I think it turned out nicely. After about ten minutes of watching youtube videos for instructions on how to tie dye and a quick trip to a dollar store for the rubber bands I forgot, we felt totally prepared to get our tie dye on.

Here’s Mister demonstrating the most important thing to remember while tie dying – always wear gloves!


We did three shirts total…a tshirt for each of us and then I also wanted a tank top. The tshirts were done in a spiral pattern, and the tank top I just twisted and made a few random banded areas.


Our first color going on…we wanted to do two colors – yellow & black – for his fraternity (which I’m a lil sis to).


Two colors! Here you can see the difference in how we spiraled ours. He colored each section of the wheel differently while I grouped my sections by twos (which made his have multiple spirals and mine have a larger one).


The final product after the first rinse! (Will definitely let them dry longer next time since we put them in the washer right after this picture and a lot of the color faded)


Finished tank top! Obviously we spent the time in the pool waiting for the shirts to dry some.


Looking forward to tie dying again real soon…and this time having the patience to wait for them to dry longer.