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I’m baaaack!


My….it has been awhile. I took a little time off from the blogosphere to collect myself and have some personal time. I’ve now gone through graduation, a lovely vacation, and also found true happiness (perhaps the greatest accomplishment). I am feeling very solid where I stand in life. I’ve regained a sense of creativity and motivation, so hopefully this will be a summer full of projects.

I know I left you all dangling just as I was getting ready to finish my final project for the intro painting class. It was quite a fun semester, and I’ll share with you now some of the paintings I was able to do. Be warned, painting is not my strong suit. In fact, the only one I am truly happy with is the Zombie Katy graphic novel piece. It’s sentimental to me, and now it hangs above my bed at home…for how much longer though, I don’t know…as that’s my next big step, a big move out on my own. So much excitement coming soon. 🙂





It’s a start…


Well, the panicking is over. Monday, I had to just suck it up. As much as I thought I would be eagerly anticipating it, by the time 12:30 rolled around I was filled with dread. I’ve never in my life had an art class. Never. Never even touched oil paints, except for the one time Dad’s oils got mixed in with my acrylics. I used one by accident, and it was a positively terrible smeared mess. I’ve avoided them ever since, but there was no avoiding it Monday. The day had finally come where I would have to do an oil painting. In fact, I have to do an entire semester of all oils because I’m the genius that decided to get out of my comfort zone and take a painting class so I could say at least I had tried to learn.

So what do I think now? Well, it wasn’t THAT bad. I was having mini-panic attacks the entire time though, since for our first project he wanted us to paint everything at once and have a finished project by the end of class, instead of waiting for each layer to dry and building on it. Oh, I really don’t like that. I was throwing paint everywhere trying to get it done within the allowed time, couldn’t get the colors I wanted, and kept having to fix smears. Finally, class was over and I could breathe a small, satisfied sigh of relief.

Is it good? No. Is it the best I could have done within the time? Eh, maybe. Is it the best I could have done for never in my life having an art class/working with oils? YES. Am I content? Double yes.