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Crochet Rose Scarf


IMG 1673

As the holidays grow closer and closer, Creative Chronicle is getting utterly bogged down with a DIY Christmas To-Do list. Seriously folks, it’s outrageous over here. Somehow (mostly thanks to Pinterest), I keep finding new ideas that I want to do and make in time for Christmas. Sadly, most of these won’t make the deadline. This little rose scarf however did manage to squeeze itself in. I needed a quick thank you gift to give to a woman at my office that had done some crafty work for me on a present for Mister’s little brother. She’s fantastic, and I can’t wait to share pictures (once I’m sure that no sneaky family members will spy them) of her handywork. To show my gratitude though, I settled in with my crochet hook and pieced together this lovely little piece of work.

IMG 1676

The scarf is made primarily of just a pure double crochet design, 15 stitches wide. The crochet rose is the same one I use in my Easy Crochet Headband w/ Flower. The leaves I had to teach myself how to do by watching this Youtube video; however, I did not do the entire leaf as demonstrated in the video. I stopped after going down each side once instead of making the leaf any larger. All that was left to do was attach the leaves and flowers using my yarn needle, and TAH-DAH! A simple scarf that will (hopefully) stun! This is one present I’m looking forward to delivering. Now that the thank you present is finished, it’s back to working on those pesky Christmas gifts. Best of luck in all your DIY Christmas adventures! Feel free to share your own completed present projects.

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Crochet Marathon


Have you ever reached that pointed where everything in your life that possibly could go wrong, is going wrong? That’s how it felt for Mister and I myself after the demise of my beloved VW bugmobile. All I wanted to do was take a break, step away, check out from real life for a little while. At that point, I was wishing for a form of human hibernation, in which you could just go to sleep when all the stress piles up and wake up when life is back to normal. Unfortunately, that doesn’t exist. Instead, we’ll settle for at least a temporary distraction from all of the insanity. 

We picked up the crochet hooks, flipped on a marathon of Golden Girls episodes, and barely spoke for hours.  Every now and then one of us would stop our own project to admire the other’s or to contemplate which Golden Girl was our favorite (I believe we finally settled on Sophia, but it’s still really up in the air…). It’s wonderful to me to find so much comfort in all that Mister and I share, even when we act like a goofy old couple. It means everything to me being able to take a time out from everything together and share in simple joys like crochet and sitcoms about old women who live together. It gave us the time we needed to get our heads on straight about what needed to be done next, and it also resulted in some fun little crochet projects.

IMG 1287 IMG 1294IMG 1288

IMG 1326IMG 1315

(my apologies for the hastily taken iPod pictures…spur of the moment)