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Yarn Wreath


IMG 3018

After seeing so many pictures of creative variations of a yarn wreath, I finally decided to make my own. I knew the colors that I wanted and how I wanted it to look, but was clueless as to how to put it together. When I’d ordered some styrofoam wreath forms online, I was disappointed to discover that the wreath forms were actually flat on all sides – not at all the look I was going for. I wanted the nice, round, traditional wreath. The wreath forms were then put to the side to be reevaluated for future crafts. Back to the drawing board, I started looking for other options. While browsing the aisles of Walmart, my dad actually made the suggestion – foam insulated door stoppers. Having no clue what he meant, we left the craft department and headed over to home repair – not a place I spend a lot of time browsing. There, I found those foam insulated door stoppers and was even more thrilled that they cost less than $3 for (I believe) three of them. Fantastic!

During an afternoon while Mister was at work, I got down to business putting together my little yarn wreath creation. I bent the foam insulation into the circle shape and used my packing tape to secure it in place. With my glue gun on its lowest setting, I set to work winding my brown yarn all around the wreath, securing every few inches with a dab of glue. Readers! – Be careful to really only use a dab. Even on low low low heat, the foam still got a little melty.

IMG 3017


My crochet roses are the same ones that you can learn to do by clicking this link to my blog post that refers to my flowered headband how-to. They are also attached with hot glue.

IMG 3020

The little flowers are crocheted by putting 5 3-chain stitch loops into a magic circle and creating double crochet petals using the same method as the above roses. The buttons are then glued into the center. The wooden letter was another Walmart score, and is also the first letter of Mister’s last name, as this wreath hangs in his front window.

The entire wreath was put together in one afternoon, and I’m so happy with the way it turned out. I can’t wait to make more wreaths very soon, especially some that are themed for the holidays.


The Poe Brooch and Creative Chronicle say, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!”


IMG 0871


I couldn’t be more thrilled that we are mere days away from my favorite holiday – HALLOWEEN! Yes, it even ranks above Christmas to me. It’s not even the candy that I enjoy, as there are so few sweets that I actually like. It’s the atmosphere! The creepy, crawly, spooky atmosphere in which you can be or do anything you like. Personally, I like to curl up in the dark with a small light to read my collection of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. There’s where you find some true gothic horror! Much more intense than a late night slasher film, at least to me. So, in honor of Mr. Poe and the Halloween season, I crafted a clay brooch in his likeness using oven-bake clay and some acrylics.

IMG 1063IMG 1065


Quoth the raven, “Nevermore!”


IMG 1455

I decided to rock my little Poe brooch along with my Poe necklace today to channel some of that Halloween spirit. We’re still two days away, but I simply cannot wait. I wish I had had the time to make my costume myself as I have most years, but it took all month for Mister and I to finally decide what we wanted to dress as and start piecing the costumes together. Can you guess what we will be on All Hallows’ Eve?

IMG 1366



Happy haunting!

Meditation…..or not…


IMG 0879


A few weeks ago, I stumbled across Jamie Ridler Studios. I’m always looking for inspiration from other creative individuals, and I can’t even begin to tell you about all the wealth of inspiration that can be found within her blog. It’s filled with beauty, magic, and more than a few prompts to get your creative juices flowing. What I found to be extra exciting about the blog though was that, when you sign up for her newsletter, Jamie includes a free guided meditation in your welcome email.

Meditation has always been something I have been incredibly curious about. What isn’t appealing about a relaxed state of mind? The ability to free yourself from worries and concerns? Unfortunately, as hard as I try, I find it completely impossible. Whenever I close my eyes and start to relax, that’s when the engine of my brain immediately fires up. It’s like my brain is filled with what I like to call “thought-vomit”, anything that can come up, WILL come up. Try to focus on clearing my mind and automatically insecurities creep in or worries about what I may have forgotten during the day. Believe me, it couldn’t be more irritating.

My resolution? Keep trying. I’m not one to give up after a failed first try. I’m determined that through the resources provided by Jamie Ridler and a few other blogs I’ve been following, I will eventually get the hang of meditation. I will gain control of my own thoughts. I will obtain the peace of mind that I crave. 

(Oh, and as for Jamie’s Wishcasting Wednesday – What do you wish to let go of? I wish to let go of my own insecurities and strained trust concerns. Bear with me, folks.)



Curiouser and Curiouser – Journal Page


IMG 0317

As I attempt to work in my journal, it becomes more and more evident how little space I possess to do the things I love most. All art/craft supplies are generally crammed on or under a fold out sewing machine cabinet. It makes doing anything in that area really restricted. I wish I could have a whole room dedicated to creating. I could have space to actually sew and not have to go on a quest to find my fabric (which right now is split up between boxes in the house and boxes in a storage building). I could organize my paints (currently tossed together in a basket). I could have tables to spread out my journal and materials (instead of how I usually sit on the bed beside the sewing machine cabinet and pray the paint won’t fall on my comforter). I could work with larger canvases ( a dream! If I tried to set up an easel in my room right now, no one would be able to get around it). It’s frustrating to be stuck in such a cramped space. My only hope is to one day have my own place with plenty of room to create and imagine.


Jenks has earned a new name : DESTROYER OF STRINGS! 

IMG 0280

She’s such a handful, love her heart. She makes it almost impossible to work with anything that dangles. It was a fit trying to get these ankle bracelets finished for Mister and myself.

IMG 0259

Pottery Place – Before and After


A little more than a week ago, Mister and I decided to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon hidden away in a little shop called The Pottery Place. I had a gift card that I was itching to spend and could resist no longer. The concept of the shop is simple enough – you pick out pre-made pieces of pottery, choose your paints and brushes, paint as long as you’d like, they fire the pottery in the kiln and glaze it, and a week later you pick up your very own masterpiece.

We spent nearly three hours with our pieces, and only stopped then because the shop was closing and we didn’t want to have to return the next day. The finishing touches were added in a bit of a hurry, and we both wish we’d just put our pieces on hold and returned to them so they would have been better, but we’re pretty happy with how they turned out.

Mister picked a rather friendly looking little gnome, and actually spent the majority of his time working on the beard. Here’s how it looked before the firing:

IMG 0150

…and here’s how he looked after…

IMG 0299

His eyes are rather spooky and tend to follow you. Creepy!

IMG 0288

I opted for a less creepy piece and chose the utensil caddy so I’d have something to store some painting/journalling supplies. Unsure how to decorate it, I decided on one of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems, “Invitation”, and also put a candle similar to Silverstein’s illustration on each side.

Here is my before shots of the poem and one side:

IMG 0145

IMG 0148

…and here’s the finished product from all sides. The purple side was painted a bit too thin, and you can also tell that the name side was where I rushed to finish – could have been much more decorative.

IMG 0291

IMG 0292

IMG 0294

IMG 0293

If you have a Pottery Place near you, or a business similar to it, I fully encourage spending an afternoon there with a loved one, relaxing with a paint brush in hun. You never quite know how the finished pieces will turn out, but that’s half the fun of it.