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Mustache Espresso Mugs for the Bride & Groom


Have you seen the adorable mustache mugs that seem to be floating everywhere around the internet? Well, my bff Sarah was having her wedding shower, and I was running out of ideas for gifts that could be made within a short time frame. I turned to her etsy wishlist, figuring that if I couldn’t make what I wanted to in time, I could at least purchase her some of the things she’d wanted. That would be where mustache espresso mugs popped up. There were a few people selling identical sets, but once I combined the cost and the shipping, the pricetag was looking pretty hefty. So I started seeking alternatives… It would stand to reason that if multiple people were selling identical colored espresso mug sets with the same plates, the same mugs, and the same stand, that the set must exist somewhere out there on the wide open interweb for people to purchase minus the cool looking staches.

Guess what? I was right. World Market sells this fantastic set online for a fraction of the price you’d pay for ones with added staches.  My thought – BOOYAH! I got this. I’ll just make my own….. and that I did.

A quick trip to A. C. Moore, and I had a small sheet of black vinyl in hand. From there, I handed it over to my sister and her husband, who own the most miraculous machine I’ve ever seen (and am also very jealous of) – The Silhouette. If you haven’t seen this thing, you need to. Immediately.  Think of the Cricut but without all of those cartridges you constantly have to purchase. The Silhouette works through your computer and cuts just about anything from paper to vinyl. You can use their software which includes several free images for your use, purchase others that they have (most of which are $0.99), or if you’re familiar with creating your own vector art – you can plug in your own images! HOW FLIPPIN’ COOL!!! So there you go, that’s how I got a sheet of these serious staches. Of course, we had to do mustaches in several sizes since I was running low on time and didn’t know the exact size I would need by the time the mugs would arrive.

Now, most sets you see only put the vinyl mustaches on the cups. I, however, decided to make the set even more stache-tastic, and included a matching mustache on the plates.


How awesome are those? These are definitely a gift that I’d want to keep for myself, but they are so simple I could definitely make them again for myself (and most likely will).  As for how they hold up, I gave them all a good rub down to see how well they would stand up against regular use. The vinyl stayed put, and as long as these dishes are hand washed, they should last for quite awhile. If you make these for someone you know, just be sure to remind them to hand wash only!


Just FYI – As you can see, the package says “red, orange, yellow, green, aqua, and BROWN”. This, my loves, is a LIE. The last mug is most certainly BLACK. So black, in fact, that it would be great if you had a different color vinyl to make the mustache stand out on that one. I did not, but hey, it’s the thought that counts. The bride loved them (and the other handmade gift – which I’ll be posting asap), so that’s what matters!


It’s been a crazy couple of days. The day before last, I started working on this blog post, and I had the majority of it finished other than adding links and such. I had planned on finishing and posting it yesterday after returning from my coworker’s birthday celebration that we were having on my boss’s boat in the middle of a beautiful lake. Well, you may or may not have heard the news, but the East Coast got hit with a pretty nasty storm. So nasty infact, that it pretty much felt like going through a tornado WHILE ON A LAKE. I’d like to say that I kept my cool under pressure, but I’d be wrong, and I hate to be wrong. It was in fact ridiculously scary. Not only that, but once we finally made it out of that hellish situation, I returned home to be without power for over 24 hours. So, here I am, finally getting to share this post with you…and also an adorable picture of Otis helping us to remove all the debris from the fallen tree limbs in the yard.

For those (many) of you still without power, my thoughts are with you. Keep cool, and do what I did today, get crafty! It doesn’t require electricity, and at least you feel like you did something other than spend the day counting how many minutes you’ve gone without air conditioning. I lost count. Pioneer woman, I am not.