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Fraternity Secret Compartment Wooden Book Box


Axn box inside

I have a whole lot of respect for Mister’s fraternity, an ever-expanding group of great guys that I am proud to know and call friends. Going into college, I’d only ever heard of Alpha Chi Nu (aka – AXN – aka – Archon) because my Uncle is a proud alum. I had come into college with the expectation that all Greeks were either drunks or sluts, and I was really proven wrong when I met my friend Nikki, who introduced me to sorority life. In the fall of 2008, I decided to pledge her sorority, Zeta Theta Chi, and I guess I can thank that for introducing me to Mister. Part of my pledging included meeting and getting a picture with each pledge of every organization. Lucky for me, Mister decided to pledge the same time I did, and I finally got my chance to talk to that cute guy in my Zoology class.

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How’s that for old school? Check out those braces. 🙂

Anyway, we both went on to become active members of our respective organizations (and also “Little Bro” and “Little Sis” to each other’s organizations), and Greek life is very near and dear to our hearts. Even though we’re both alumni now, we still try to actively participate with our brothers and sisters and still like to get/make new memorobilia. That being the case, I couldn’t resist doing something Archon related for Mister once I found an adorable wooden sheep (the Archon mascot) at the local craft store. A little more browsing led me to the wooden letters and this fantastic wooden book-shaped box. I fiddled around with it for awhile, trying to decide how it opened since there were obviously hinges, and found that the cover opens up from the edge of the spine to reveal the perfect hiding place for something flask-sized – or objects not related to drinking ;).

I covered inside and out with many coats of a golden yellow paint, and I attached the sheep cutout and the letters with hot glue to the front book cover, the side that opens.

Axn box front

Down the side, I painted Mister’s last name, the Archon crest, and the symbolic Roman numeral for thirteen.

Axn box side



Lastly, I knew there was a Latin phrase of some importance to the fraternity, but Mister couldn’t remember the proper spelling. After asking around, I finally got the phrase I was looking for, and I freehanded the lettering on to the back cover (not very well, I might add).

Axn box back

Since posting the pictures, Mister’s secret compartment book box has become quite the hit with his brothers. Looks like I’ll be doing another one very soon for a lucky brother’s birthday. 🙂




I haven’t posted in way too long, and I have so much to get caught up on. I worked my entire break so what little I did do that I wanted to post about, I was often too tired to go through the process of uploading and posting. I’m pulling myself out of that funk tonight though. I’m going to devote this to one heavenly meal I made this week. Beware, this entry will be image-heavy with what my buddy Donn likes to call “food porn”.

Being Greek, I am naturally drawn to Greek dishes and flavors. I live for roasted lamb, spanakopita, dolmades…and so on. Unfortunately, this area is not familiar with the best cuisine the world has to offer, and therefore, there’s no place within probably a hundred miles offering quality Greek food. So usually I end up making my own or infusing Greek flavors into other dishes – Greek Lasagna, anyone? That was a real winner. So when I had a large amount of chicken breasts to prepare, I decided to do a little experiment in a Greek ingredient stuffing. One of the things I adore most are kalamata olives. Often, as a snack I will eat a whole bowl of them covered in Feta cheese. Although they are pricey, they are worth every penny.


Nom nom. Anywhooo….I started by making a stuffing of sauteed mushrooms, chopped kalamata olives, cooked spinach, and feta cheese. Slice the chicken breast as if you are going to butterfly it, but don’t cut all the way through on the ends.


You will need to secure the chicken with toothpicks during baking so that the stuffing doesn’t run out.


I made a quick sauce with chopped tomatoes, some Greek seasoning, and the spinach that I had leftover from making the stuffing. I also topped it off with more of the feta cheese.


Popped those lovelies in the oven to bake, and I started on a couple side dishes. Greek seasoned fried potatoes and some zucchini with a dash of the Greek seasoning I used on the potatoes.



About an hour later, I pulled this out:


…and served over top of spaghetti noodles.


It looked MASSIVE on the plate. It truly was a ton of food. Very difficult to finish all of it but it was great to the last bite.


…and check out that yummy stuffed center…


It was heavenly, as Greek food always is. 😉