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Pottery Place – Before and After


A little more than a week ago, Mister and I decided to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon hidden away in a little shop called The Pottery Place. I had a gift card that I was itching to spend and could resist no longer. The concept of the shop is simple enough – you pick out pre-made pieces of pottery, choose your paints and brushes, paint as long as you’d like, they fire the pottery in the kiln and glaze it, and a week later you pick up your very own masterpiece.

We spent nearly three hours with our pieces, and only stopped then because the shop was closing and we didn’t want to have to return the next day. The finishing touches were added in a bit of a hurry, and we both wish we’d just put our pieces on hold and returned to them so they would have been better, but we’re pretty happy with how they turned out.

Mister picked a rather friendly looking little gnome, and actually spent the majority of his time working on the beard. Here’s how it looked before the firing:

IMG 0150

…and here’s how he looked after…

IMG 0299

His eyes are rather spooky and tend to follow you. Creepy!

IMG 0288

I opted for a less creepy piece and chose the utensil caddy so I’d have something to store some painting/journalling supplies. Unsure how to decorate it, I decided on one of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems, “Invitation”, and also put a candle similar to Silverstein’s illustration on each side.

Here is my before shots of the poem and one side:

IMG 0145

IMG 0148

…and here’s the finished product from all sides. The purple side was painted a bit too thin, and you can also tell that the name side was where I rushed to finish – could have been much more decorative.

IMG 0291

IMG 0292

IMG 0294

IMG 0293

If you have a Pottery Place near you, or a business similar to it, I fully encourage spending an afternoon there with a loved one, relaxing with a paint brush in hun. You never quite know how the finished pieces will turn out, but that’s half the fun of it.


A vegetable stew that doesn’t have vermin…


at least that’s what Dad said was the clue on jeopardy the other night… the answer? Ratatouille!



Jeopardy should have included the fact that this dish takes a lifetime to make. Well, not really, but it did take a few hours. It’s a lot of chopping, dicing, sautéing, and stewing. Not a dish to make when pressed for time, but it’s worth every moment that you put in to it.

My ratatouille included tomatoes, eggplant, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, squash, and red and yellow bell peppers. After feeling deprived of veggies all week, this more than made up for it.


After the first bite, I was smiling just as much as Mister Chesh here. 🙂
I’m very excited for all the leftovers I can enjoy this week.

I did mention though that it’s not a dish to make when pressed for time. About halfway through, I realized I was behind schedule on making a main dish for another family member who wouldn’t eat the ham that was prepared for the big family dinner. I had to scramble.

A couple posts ago I mentioned the SparkPeople site that I’d be using to eat healthier and keep track of what I eat. SparkPeople also hosts a site called SparkRecipes which provides simple, healthy recipes – which is where I snatched the idea for my quick and easy fix.

A spicy sun dried tomato chicken spaghetti – sounds strange, I know, but I love love LOVE sun dried tomatoes and they blended really well with the chicken, crushed tomatoes, and some spicy seasoning.


Even though I made it specifically for another family member, I couldn’t go without trying a bite myself. 🙂 yum yum


That’s all for the food, but that wasn’t the end of my creations for the night. After dinner, I pulled out some clay and started making more faces to be painted for the “Harlot Hangers”. I had a little bit leftover, and I ended up throwing together this little gnome guy. Stay tuned to see how they look once they get all painted up.