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Fall is in the Air – Crayon Doodles Journal Page


As the weather gets colder, I feel less and less like doing anything at all. When the real cold hits, I hate to even step outside. Right now, though, is perfection. October, my favorite month, is right around the corner. It’ll be pumpkin spice everything to eat and drink, Halloween, all the wonderful decorations…what isn’t to love about it? The temperature is starting to drop here, and all I want to do is fill a mug with some hot chai, grab the nearest book, and curl up under a blanket for awhile. I did curl up under my blanket last night, but I brought along a sketchbook and some regular old crayons. I love working with crayons because I feel like a child every time I start to color.

IMG 0482


This was the first doodle to flow out of the crayons, and I decided it would go just perfect in my journal. I can already feel the warmth of a nice steamy mug of tea. Perfection! Mister saw this one and requested a crayon sketch of himself. Still focusing on the idea of “warmth”, I decided he should be wearing my favorite hoodie of his that I used to wear around on the chillier evenings. I included his silly Gilligan-style hat that he always wears during pledging, which starts next week and always happens during the most frigid weather. When thinking of warmth, I can’t help but include Smokey, his cat, who just may be the softest, fluffiest cat ever. He’s often served as a foot warmer for me, and he’s just too adorable not to snuggle with.

IMG 0486

Told you he’s too adorable not to snuggle with. 🙂

IMG 0401


Journal Doodles


I’ve always been amazed at how creativity can keep a child more preoccupied than any toy. I love to see my niece play “Craftopia” as she calls it, which is really just her own set of metal drawers filled with tons of arts and craft supplies. When we were out to dinner with the family the other night, I brought along that little set of markers I got from Borders I mentioned earlier, and told her we could each have a page in my journal to doodle. Having just seen the Winnie the Pooh movie, she decided Tigger would be the best addition to my journal. However, she didn’t want to add his tail because she “liked it the way it was”…and I’m just fine with that. 😉 (She’s five, by the way…)


After I got home, I started doing some doodling of my own. Unfortunately, Mister and I have both been under a ton of stress lately. Just a couple months ago, I was ready to pack up all my things and move to be closer to him. The situation changed though, and I started making more money here and was able to put more back into savings. He was still an hour away though barely scraping by on what he was making and running into several snags. The option arose for him to move here – where he’d be able to make more and have to spend less. We both agree that it’s the best option we have, but he’d be leaving behind a whole lot to move as well. He’s taken a lot of time to think about it…and within 24 hours now, I should have his final answer. You can’t imagine how nervous I am though. All I can do is keep hoping and praying for that yes answer. Then, we can really make a good start together. All that I could ever want would be right here with me.