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Doggy-Sized Mad Hatter Crochet Hat


It’s time I share with you my absolute favorite bit of crochet work that I’ve done recently. Sure, other crafts were finished before this and have yet to be posted to the blog…but I can’t wait! The cuteness contained in the craft has me bursting with excitement. Prepare yourself for an adorable overload!

IMG 3213

Don’t you just LOVE that face? Believe me, underneath that humiliation, he loves Mommy for all the dress-up she subjects him to.

So I’m sure now that you’ve seen it, you want to make your own, right? Easy schmeezy! While browsing Pinterest, I found a lovely little pic of a crochet top hat that was meant for newborns. Now at this point in time I’m not into having any newborns other than the furry variety, but I knew there was some potential here. So, I followed the link to I’m Topsy Turvy, and not only found the pattern for this lovely top hat, but also a really fantastic blog that I’m now constantly stalking. Be sure to check it out yourself!

Now, being a huge fan of Alice in Wonderland, I could think of only one top hat I would want to replicate – Mad Hatter’s. Following the pattern, I made the hat top and the underside which attaches once you have stuffed the hat for stability. I know that in this house somewhere I have AT LEAST three massive bags of fiber fill. Could I find them? NO. My alternative? Cotton balls. Works absolutely the same.

The orange band was just a chain long enough to fit around the hat and single crochet on top. I connected the ends, and then sewed it on to the hat with a yarn needle.
The size ticket is a leftover piece of felt quickly embroidered with some green floss.
Before attaching the underside of the hat I sewed a loop of elastic together and placed it inside the hat. I then attached the underside to the hat with the yarn needle.

Otis is a bit fussy about wearing it, since it’s still a little big for him. Plus, he’s not a huge fan of elastic. He’ll come to terms with it soon though, cause Mommy is planning a whimsical fun photoshoot involving an oversized teacup and this adorable Mad Hatter hat. Stay tuned and stay crafty, my friends! 🙂

IMG 1875


The Poe Brooch and Creative Chronicle say, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!”


IMG 0871


I couldn’t be more thrilled that we are mere days away from my favorite holiday – HALLOWEEN! Yes, it even ranks above Christmas to me. It’s not even the candy that I enjoy, as there are so few sweets that I actually like. It’s the atmosphere! The creepy, crawly, spooky atmosphere in which you can be or do anything you like. Personally, I like to curl up in the dark with a small light to read my collection of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. There’s where you find some true gothic horror! Much more intense than a late night slasher film, at least to me. So, in honor of Mr. Poe and the Halloween season, I crafted a clay brooch in his likeness using oven-bake clay and some acrylics.

IMG 1063IMG 1065


Quoth the raven, “Nevermore!”


IMG 1455

I decided to rock my little Poe brooch along with my Poe necklace today to channel some of that Halloween spirit. We’re still two days away, but I simply cannot wait. I wish I had had the time to make my costume myself as I have most years, but it took all month for Mister and I to finally decide what we wanted to dress as and start piecing the costumes together. Can you guess what we will be on All Hallows’ Eve?

IMG 1366



Happy haunting!