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The Poe Brooch and Creative Chronicle say, “HAPPY HALLOWEEN!”


IMG 0871


I couldn’t be more thrilled that we are mere days away from my favorite holiday – HALLOWEEN! Yes, it even ranks above Christmas to me. It’s not even the candy that I enjoy, as there are so few sweets that I actually like. It’s the atmosphere! The creepy, crawly, spooky atmosphere in which you can be or do anything you like. Personally, I like to curl up in the dark with a small light to read my collection of short stories by Edgar Allen Poe. There’s where you find some true gothic horror! Much more intense than a late night slasher film, at least to me. So, in honor of Mr. Poe and the Halloween season, I crafted a clay brooch in his likeness using oven-bake clay and some acrylics.

IMG 1063IMG 1065


Quoth the raven, “Nevermore!”


IMG 1455

I decided to rock my little Poe brooch along with my Poe necklace today to channel some of that Halloween spirit. We’re still two days away, but I simply cannot wait. I wish I had had the time to make my costume myself as I have most years, but it took all month for Mister and I to finally decide what we wanted to dress as and start piecing the costumes together. Can you guess what we will be on All Hallows’ Eve?

IMG 1366



Happy haunting!


It’s Magic! (Harry Potter style)


Nothing could be more fun than absolutely geeking out with my love. A few weeks ago, Mister and I were sitting at the kitchen table with a little more than a pound of oven bake clay before us waiting to be formed into nifty creations. It was Mister who had the idea first – in honor of our geeky obsession with Harry Potter, we were going to craft some wands!


Mister ended up crafting two wands, the one with the serpent wrapped around the top and the claw holding the orb. He also made that adorable little rose for me. Mine of course was decorated with mushrooms and a vine wrapping around it.


As soon as they finished baking, we set to painting them. I liked a darker wood color to set off the very nature-like decorations atop my wand.


Mister opted for lighter wood tones, and I especially like the way his claw wand turned out.


Once the paint had dried, we were casting spells all around the kitchen (of course we followed the proper directions for a duel…and only a few Unforgivable Curses were cast). It was a giddy fun time being dorks, but the fun didn’t end there. We also created a few other clay creations.

Mister’s grapes 🙂

My panda bear 🙂

Our whole lot of creations

Sun and Moon


I spent a glorious afternoon last week outside by the pool with my niece, molding different bits of clay. I originally had set out to accomplish part of a large project for my Mister (which is nearly done and will be posted to the blog soon!) that involved the clay, but spent more time playing than working – which to me is perfectly acceptable. My niece made a few “dolls” out of the clay and then shaped some letters, but while playing around, I shaped something I rather enjoyed and decided to bake it and turn it into a small wall hanging that matches Mister’s lounge room. He was thrilled. 🙂



A vegetable stew that doesn’t have vermin…


at least that’s what Dad said was the clue on jeopardy the other night… the answer? Ratatouille!



Jeopardy should have included the fact that this dish takes a lifetime to make. Well, not really, but it did take a few hours. It’s a lot of chopping, dicing, sautéing, and stewing. Not a dish to make when pressed for time, but it’s worth every moment that you put in to it.

My ratatouille included tomatoes, eggplant, onions, mushrooms, zucchini, squash, and red and yellow bell peppers. After feeling deprived of veggies all week, this more than made up for it.


After the first bite, I was smiling just as much as Mister Chesh here. 🙂
I’m very excited for all the leftovers I can enjoy this week.

I did mention though that it’s not a dish to make when pressed for time. About halfway through, I realized I was behind schedule on making a main dish for another family member who wouldn’t eat the ham that was prepared for the big family dinner. I had to scramble.

A couple posts ago I mentioned the SparkPeople site that I’d be using to eat healthier and keep track of what I eat. SparkPeople also hosts a site called SparkRecipes which provides simple, healthy recipes – which is where I snatched the idea for my quick and easy fix.

A spicy sun dried tomato chicken spaghetti – sounds strange, I know, but I love love LOVE sun dried tomatoes and they blended really well with the chicken, crushed tomatoes, and some spicy seasoning.


Even though I made it specifically for another family member, I couldn’t go without trying a bite myself. 🙂 yum yum


That’s all for the food, but that wasn’t the end of my creations for the night. After dinner, I pulled out some clay and started making more faces to be painted for the “Harlot Hangers”. I had a little bit leftover, and I ended up throwing together this little gnome guy. Stay tuned to see how they look once they get all painted up.


Harlot Hangers


An experiment with oven-bake clay has turned into some nifty magnets. By using a mold for faces, I was able to bake and paint what I am now calling “Harlot Hangers”…lovely ladies of the night with gaudy makeup included! These magnets are pretty strong, and I’m looking forward to creating more sets such as this, and possibly selling them on etsy.