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Fall is in the Air – Crayon Doodles Journal Page


As the weather gets colder, I feel less and less like doing anything at all. When the real cold hits, I hate to even step outside. Right now, though, is perfection. October, my favorite month, is right around the corner. It’ll be pumpkin spice everything to eat and drink, Halloween, all the wonderful decorations…what isn’t to love about it? The temperature is starting to drop here, and all I want to do is fill a mug with some hot chai, grab the nearest book, and curl up under a blanket for awhile. I did curl up under my blanket last night, but I brought along a sketchbook and some regular old crayons. I love working with crayons because I feel like a child every time I start to color.

IMG 0482


This was the first doodle to flow out of the crayons, and I decided it would go just perfect in my journal. I can already feel the warmth of a nice steamy mug of tea. Perfection! Mister saw this one and requested a crayon sketch of himself. Still focusing on the idea of “warmth”, I decided he should be wearing my favorite hoodie of his that I used to wear around on the chillier evenings. I included his silly Gilligan-style hat that he always wears during pledging, which starts next week and always happens during the most frigid weather. When thinking of warmth, I can’t help but include Smokey, his cat, who just may be the softest, fluffiest cat ever. He’s often served as a foot warmer for me, and he’s just too adorable not to snuggle with.

IMG 0486

Told you he’s too adorable not to snuggle with. 🙂

IMG 0401


Curiouser and Curiouser – Journal Page


IMG 0317

As I attempt to work in my journal, it becomes more and more evident how little space I possess to do the things I love most. All art/craft supplies are generally crammed on or under a fold out sewing machine cabinet. It makes doing anything in that area really restricted. I wish I could have a whole room dedicated to creating. I could have space to actually sew and not have to go on a quest to find my fabric (which right now is split up between boxes in the house and boxes in a storage building). I could organize my paints (currently tossed together in a basket). I could have tables to spread out my journal and materials (instead of how I usually sit on the bed beside the sewing machine cabinet and pray the paint won’t fall on my comforter). I could work with larger canvases ( a dream! If I tried to set up an easel in my room right now, no one would be able to get around it). It’s frustrating to be stuck in such a cramped space. My only hope is to one day have my own place with plenty of room to create and imagine.


Jenks has earned a new name : DESTROYER OF STRINGS! 

IMG 0280

She’s such a handful, love her heart. She makes it almost impossible to work with anything that dangles. It was a fit trying to get these ankle bracelets finished for Mister and myself.

IMG 0259

Easy Apron


My favorite sewing machine hasn’t been running properly in about a year, and I was finally to the point that I wanted to find someone who could fix it. I decided instead to give one last ditch effort at getting this baby up and running right. After some MUCH needed cleaning and a little tweaking, my little Singer was back in business.

To make sure that it wasn’t just a momentary fix, I wanted a quick project to test the machine out. Digging through my drawers, I found just the thing. A few months ago, a nearby Walmart was phasing out their fabric department in favor of a party supply department (sadface, for sure). The only plus to this event was a massive markdown on all kinds of fabrics and craft projects. I found this apron project that had the pattern pieces preprinted onto the fabric and fell in love, especially when the price rang up $3. I ended up grabbing two, the rose one for myself and a rooster apron to make for my sister’s upcoming birthday (should probably get started on this!). These projects have just sat around untouched though due to both of my sewing machines not being functional…until now.


I was so happy with the way it turned out. I’m a sucker for pretty aprons, and I’m happy to add this one to my collection. I highly recommend the preprinted sewing projects for an easy afternoon craft!

Also…super cute cat picture to share… 🙂
Jenks in her adorable bonnet. Prettiest cat I know, even if she’s incredibly displeased at the moment.