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Still in the process of checking multiple projects off my list, but I took this weekend to relax with Mister and have a fantabulous time. Instead of my own little projects or my own adventures in the kitchen, I’ll be sharing his this time. I’m rather proud of him, if you couldn’t tell.

He’s been wanting to learn to paint for some time now, so instead of giving him any instructions, I handed him a few blank canvases, said “Create”, and set him free. One of our first “dates” was simply driving around on country backroads belting out Beatles songs in the night air. It’s still something we do frequently, since we both love and appreciate all Beatles music. That love extends to the film Across the Universe, so it’s no wonder he picked the strawberry icon from the film for his painting to me. Adorable, isn’t he?


Monday I had a -very- long day at work, and left Mister at home all day to prep for a dinner that he refused to give me any details about. One thing is for sure, I love surprises…especially where food is concerned. When I came home, a snack was waiting for me before my shower: a basil and bacon cheeseball – Delish!
Fresh from the shower, I was ready for more yummy eats. The appetizers were awaiting me – banana peppers stuffed with cream cheese and deep fried and a spinach salad with toasted almonds and cranberries. Can you say YUM?
Finally – the main course! The big surprise came in the form of Mister’s signature country tomatoes (layers of tomato sandwiched with cream cheese with garlic and basil and breaded in panko bread crumbs and fried), bacon wrapped filet mignon, and then two -count ’em- TWO kinds of jumbo shrimp – coconut and panko breaded. The pictures don’t even begin to do the meal justice.

Quite literally the best meal of my life. I literally went into a food coma immediately following the consumption of all this goodness. I laid in the floor outside the kitchen and snoozed due to a totally stuffed belly. I’d say I’ve found the perfect personal chef, for sure.


Octopus’s Garden


A quick entry to test out my watercolor pencils and waterbrush….epic fail. Didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to, and the markers barely saved it. Oh well, it was just some bored-doodling while listening to some Beatles, so I’m fine with it.


Oh, Boy…


By far, the worst birthday ever. I don’t even want to explain. My journal got to hear that rant. I just really always thought that birthdays were the get out of jail free card to bad days. I guess I’ve been proven wrong. Couldn’t have been much worse.
At least the little self portrait sketch turned out alright…and listening to some Beatles makes everything better…I had originally intended to fill this page with how I’d changed in the past year, but instead vented on every irritating aspect of the day. Here are the pages before the scribbled ranting: