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My First Etsy Shop! Woohoo!


Well, everyone, I FINALLY did it. I created my own etsy shop. It’s something I’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but I tend to want to hoard whatever I have and not part with anything. No more, I say! I’m going to let go, whether it’s something I’ve made or supplies I purchased and never used, it’s time to set them free and let someone else use them! Right now I’m selling a few supplies that I’ve picked up at estate sales and such, but I’m hoping that maybe soon I’ll move on to selling my own crafty goodies. Please check me out, there may be something you are interested in:


Here’s a preview of what’s there now:


IMG 4538 3

Vintage Porcelain Bisque Baby Doll Head & Hands Set (Numbered)

IMG 4529 1


Pick of 5 Leather Shapes (Oval/Butterfly) for Keychain Making plus 5 Keychains

Thanks, everyone! Here’s hoping I actually sell something! Wish me luck!


Progress on Crochet Gifts for Baby Lena!


Original 3

Oh lordy, my hands are THROBBING! I’m pretty sure my crochet hooks are out to get me, or maybe my friends are. Unfortunately for me, my two best friends (both named Sarah) are experiencing major life changes in the coming months – one Sarah is tying the knot and the other Sarah is having a baby girl. Both their showers are a week apart in June, so I am desperately crocheting my fingers off. I’ve finished a lot of little projects for the baby, but I’m falling majorly behind on wedding gifts. To take a break from feeling like my hands are about to fall off though, I decided to share a few of the baby projects I’m working on. There are a lot more that need to be done, but -whew- I’ve at least made it this far.

Original 2

The slippers originally started out as my first ever attempt at booties. If you couldn’t tell, it failed miserably, but I salvaged it into a somewhat acceptable pair of buttoned slippers. I’m not sure what it was, whether I just wasn’t reading the pattern correctly or the yarn wasn’t cooperating, but I could at least repeat the mistake twice to make a matching pair.



This is the first headband I’ve made to match the slippers. I’d still like to make another one with possibly turquoise and white flowers.

The headband is all double crochets 8 wide using I believe the 5.5mm hook.
The white flower:

chain 4, slip stitch to first chain to create your magic circle

chain 3 and slip stitch inside ring – repeat x4

slip stitch into first petal round, chain 3, 3 dc, chain 3, slip stitch into same petal round

slip stitch into next petal round, chain 3, 3 dc, chain 3, slip stitch into same petal round, repeat until you have five petals. slip stitch to close.

with regular needle and thread, sew button onto center of flower

with yarn needle connected to the tail of the white yarn, sew the flower onto the headband.


Original 4

Here’s the baby sized version of my rose headband that you can find out how to do from my other post, Easy Crochet Headband w/ Flower. Still no booties to go with this one, as I have yet to figure out my mistake on the last pair. Hopefully, I’ll get the hang of booties soon.


Original 5

Here’s the completed winter weight baby blanket made with chunky yarn. It’s so soft and warm, but took so much yarn to make! By the last few rounds, it was taking a whole skein just to get through one round. Therefore, I made it a little smaller than I would have liked.


Original 6

Lastly, here’s a work still in progress. I started this summer weight blanket before we found out Sarah was having a girl, and I tried to make it gender neutral but still bright, fun colors. I really like the purple, turquoise, and white together, but it worries me she might not find it gender neutral enough. Oh well, it’s almost complete! I found a pattern for a crochet unicorn baby toy I’d like to do in these colors as well, but I doubt I’ll have time to squeeze that one in.

I guess it’s probably about time for some aspirin, compression gloves, and back to work for me. These gifts aren’t going to make themselves (but oh how I wish!)


Testing Out MarsEdit



Hello there, everyone! I just downloaded MarsEdit to work on Creative Chronicle from my desktop instead of web browser. It’s completely compatible with WordPress, and so far it is incredibly simple to use (which is great for someone like me with such little experience). Do you use any blog editing software or do you just work with what is offered on the site?

I wanted to make a post to see how it would appear on the site, but also didn’t want it to be some annoying “Testing…1…2…3…” blog entry, so instead I’ll offer you a preview of coming attractions. What kind of crafty shenanigans did Mister and I get into? You only get a sneak peak with this pic, but stay tuned to Creative Chronicle (most likely at the beginning of next week) to see our finished masterpieces ;).


IMG 0143

(Incomplete) Project Roundup – A Visual To-Do List


Sorry for the delay in posting! If you can believe it, we had another big storm that fried our router, modem, AND printer…AGAIN! What a headache. Fortunately, I’ve kept myself very busy with several little projects. Unfortunately, there are so many projects that splitting my time between all of them means taking longer to actually get them completed. I’ve decided to make this little visual to do list to keep myself on track (and also prove that I’m really not slacking off).

1. Archon Secret Compartment Book
I love this little wooden book/box so much, and once I found the letters and wooden sheep, I decided it would be handy dandy for Mister to have it around for his fraternity pledging. Took me forever to figure out that it actually opens near the spine and has a nifty compartment inside. Planning on attaching the sheep and letters soon and also painting some more book-like script along the spine and back.

2. Lizard Embroidery (for Salamander Room)
Mister’s new bedroom when he moves down here is going to be designed around his favorite children’s book (The Salamander Room). Yes, I have till December to get everything ready…but it’s obvious that I take forever to get anything accomplished, so for now I’m getting an early start. I want to do a few framed embroidery animal pieces, and this is just the first one.

3. Salamander Room Painting
For the same room as I mentioned before, I’m doing a painting of one of the illustrations from The Salamander Room. Kind of feeling blah about it, so putting it aside until I feel more driven to paint.

4. Picture Frame (Salamander Room)
Still tossing around ideas for this one. Want to do a really decorative matte around my favorite pic of Mister in all his childhood glory. Hope for some inspiration to strike soon.

5. Journal Pages
I was doodling around in my journal, hoping that something would come of it, and this is what flowed from my pencil. It’s still not complete, but I’m not sure where I want to go from here or how I want to color it.

6. Art Tag Tree
I ordered this lovely set of art tags off of Etsy so that Mister and I could get a start on our Christmas tree. We want to do a whole tree of tags of our own art to relate to us. So far I haven’t really had a chance to start on any of the ones I’ve had planned.

7. Granny Square Afghan
This one has been ongoing for awhile, and Mister is still learning to do the granny squares. Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), we’ll have a blanket.

PROGRESS!: Zombie Katy Graphic Novel Painting Update


So I’ve made a little bit of progress with the graphic novel-ish style painting of my niece as a zombie. I’m hoping to have it finished by tomorrow since I found out it’ll be going in the student show starting Friday. Actually, I’ve made more progress since these pictures were taken, so there’s not much more to do other than finishing the other attached panel close up. I completed the outline on the canvas and did more detailing on the face after taking the pictures, but it’s not much different than this.



…and the first part of the panels that will be attached…