Beard Hat How-To


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Yes, I finally decided to make the ever-popular beard hat. I must say, these are rather fun and WARM! Perfect for the weather we’re starting to get around here. We’ve had such chilly wind that I’d much rather just stay inside with my hook and yarn. As I’ve surfed around the web, I’ve noticed the steadily increasing popularity of the beard hat, and once Mister saw one he said he just had to have one. So, of course, I set to work combining my own pattern for the beanie hat and a fantastically simple to follow video found on YouTube for the beard. Here’s the how-to.

– you’re going to need two strands of regular worsted weight yarn (I tend to use Red Heart because the closest store that sells yarn doesn’t have much variety, but I think Red Heart is very easy to work with.)
– I used a 9mm crochet hook

+ Using both strands together as one, chain stitch 4.
+ Connect the last chain with the first using a slip stitch. You now have a circle.
+ Going into the circle each time, single crochet 10.
+ At the tenth single crochet, connect it to the first using a slip stitch.
+ In each of the ten single crochets, you need to single crochet twice. You will have a total of 20 stitches now.
+ Slip stitch to connect the last to the first.
+ In each of those 20 single crochets, do two single crochets again. This doubles the stitches to 40.
+ Slip stitch to connect the last to the first.
+ At this point since you are using two strands the ring will start getting large and wavy. Instead of continuing to increase the amount of stitches, simply double crochet in  each of the 40 single crochets.
+ Slip stitch to connect the last to the first.
+ Now you can continue each round by double crocheting all around and then connecting with slip stitch. Continue this until your hat has reached just short of its desired size.
+ For the very last row, half double crochet around. End the project with a slip stitch, and the beanie hat is complete.

IMG 1757

I could write out all the details for how to do the beard, but I find it much simpler to share this video by Hectanooga1. I find it to be by far the easiest to follow, as I’m someone who would rather be taught by watching rather than reading. I hope you all find it helpful.

For the beard, I continued to use two strands of worsted weight yarn and my 9mm hook.


(Because apparently, I can’t figure out how to actually embed the video. Fail.) 

Mister was thoroughly impressed with his beard hat, and wanted to wear it out (maybe a little too) often. Since completing his, I’ve gone on to create a few more (alas! no pictures!) with a brown beard and a ginger beard. They make fantastic gifts! I’ve also recently been working on a very fun wizard hat with detachable long wizard beard…but more on that later ;).

I leave you now with this frighteningly funny picture of Mister (overly) enjoying his beard hat. Happy Crafting, ya’ll!

IMG 2875


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