We’d like to introduce you…


IMG 3092


Mister and I would like to introduce you to our precious new addition to our family – Otis Bartholomew Percival Doodle Remy! Oh yes, quite the big name for such a small dog, but we like to make him feel super special. Mister and I had wanted a pug so badly, it bordered on obsession. I had pug slippers, pug purses, pug salt n pepper shakers, and more all before we ever had Otis. It’s taken us almost a year since we started looking, but we finally have him, and he really just fell into our laps. Our Valentine’s Day was less than spectacular since I worked all morning and afternoon, and Mister worked from afternoon until late at night. Needless to say, we didn’t celebrate. The day after though, we had a few fun things planned, but first Mister needed to run to our Walmart to go to the bank. As we rounded the corner of the parking lot, I spotted a woman holding a small pug puppy up in the air (think Lion King style here). As I later found out, she’d been there less than ten minutes before we pulled up. She was supposed to get her female pug fixed before the end of February, but mommy and daddy pug had other plans. This litter was born December 18, 2011. There was only one male – our Otis. Our perfect Valentine’s gift for each other. 

He’s been absolutely perfect. Only 8 weeks old, and he was already potty trained! He’s never even had an accident. He’s Momma’s little boy, that’s for sure. I just can’t get enough of him. I’m probably driving him nutso with all of my constant lovin’ and picture taking. I can’t help it though, he’s too adorable! Especially when he lets me dress him up πŸ˜‰

IMG 3168

Talk about one embarassed puppy. I make up for it though by spoiling him rotten with the best treats and toys. He’s already claimed a stuffed Mickey as his best friend and will not go to sleep without his little cuddle buddy.  You can’t deny how cute this is…

IMG 1851

No doubt you will be seeing a lot more of Otis around the Creative Chronicle blog. πŸ™‚


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