Embroidery Lizard & An Embroidery Blast from my Past


IMG 2862



Just wanted to share with you this little piece of embroidery that I’ve finally finished. It was on my to-do list from forever ago, and was about 50% done before I got distracted by other projects. I finally decided to pick it back up, and I had it finished in a matter of hours. It’s intended to be part of the decoration for Mister’s “Salamander Room”, but I haven’t quite found a frame I like for this little lizard pal. If anyone knows of any nature-y embroidery frames, be sure to leave a comment! I’m even looking into DIY frames made from bark or twigs….anything, really! It felt really great to get back into embroidery. When I was younger, I did a lot of cross stitch as encouraged by my sister and my grandmother. Cross stitch was about the extent of my embroidery skills until high school, when we learned a variety of embroidery stitches as part of our home economics class. One of our projects was to take any image and embroider it onto a pillow that we made. Being my geeky self in high school, I was a big anime fan, and my image came from the anime Inuyasha. Geeky, right? Well, the geeky part is that I still keep that pillow on my bed. I guess I just like the reminder of my humble embroidery beginnings. I think it has come a long way. 🙂


IMG 1778



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