DIY Dry Erase Weekly Planner


IMG 1962


Ok, folks…how GREAT is Pinterest? Almost too great, I believe. It may be too great because it is such a huge distraction for me. Infact, it’s been so difficult getting all the DIY Christmas presents finished because I keep finding more ideas on Pinterest that I would like to try. I couldn’t resist the crafty urges once I saw this pin for the DIY dry-erase weekly planner. How much more simple could it get? I’d purchased a new picture frame from during Cyber Monday, and I had some scrapbook paper laying around. All that was left was to cut to picture size and write out the days of the week. You write with the dry erase markers directly on the plastic covers (or glass). This project took less than fifteen minutes, and it looks fantastic in Mister’s new kitchen. It makes the perfect spot for him to write his work schedule or other important items to remember. If any of you are looking for a last minute Christmas gift, this is the PERFECT present for anyone on your list!


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