Monthly Archives: November 2011

Winter-time Blues


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I know it’s not even technically “winter” yet, but it’s starting to feel like it, and that’s bad news bears for me. It always seems like the colder that it gets, the less I feel like doing anything at all other than laying in the bed with a heating pad and a cup of coffee. It’s not that I fall into a creative rut, believe me, there’s plenty to be done around the Creative Chronicle homestead. I just can’t motivate myself to get anything done. 

Take this journal page for instance. I just bought a new sketchbook style journal about a week ago. It took until three days ago to even take it out of the bag and attempt to start sketching (which I did without ever leaving the bed). I finished the page yesterday and snapped a few pictures. Did I immediately jump online and start my blog post? Nope. Even though it had been daunting on me that I hadn’t posted since Halloween, I opted for going to sleep early instead. That’s why I’m now forcing myself through this unmotivated “blah”-ness, and getting this journal page up right now (before I’ve even had my coffee, no less).

I’ve got to kick these winter-time blues…and FAST. The holidays are weighing pretty heavily on me right now, as I’ve resolved to do as much DIY Christmas as possible. There’s also the fact that we’ll be having Thanksgiving with my family and a Sunday Thanksgiving with Mister’s family, and at the moment I’m completely clueless as to what to make and have been roaming Pinterest seeking inspiration. I want to do some impressive dishes you don’t always find on the holiday dinner table. I’m also literally knee-deep in crochet projects for Christmas, as well as some other pretty nifty DIY present ideas. I had to invest in some very helpful crafter’s gloves to help take away some of the pain in my hands from all the action I’ve been subjecting them to, especially with the never-ending granny square afghan I’m making for a gift (plus there will soon be a second one started for another gift). I can’t wait to post some pictures of the completed projects, as I’m pretty sure the majority of those who will receive the gifts don’t ever visit Creative Chronicle.

It’s time to get my butt in gear. It’s time to grab the coffee, the crochet hook, and plant myself down in the rocking chair and get back to work! Maybe I’ll throw on some sunglasses and beach music to convince myself that it isn’t so chilly outside.