LEXINGTON TRIP – Boyd’s Orchard (Versailles)


IMG 0664

As you read in the previous post, last weekend Mister and I spent some time in Lexington for the Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show. As you can tell, it was an amazing experience. Once we’d consumed as much free food as we could and visited every booth in the show, we decided to head out and find what else Kentucky had to offer. After a quick call to my former-Lexington-resident-sister, we set the GPS for Boyd’s Orchard in Versailles, KY (a few miles outside of Lexington). I’m not entirely sure what I was expecting – maybe just a simple country orchard known only to locals where you could pick your own apples – not so! It was an all-in-one attraction. Sure, there was apple picking, but also a market, kiddie train rides, live music, an entire kid entertainment playground, and a petting zoo with all my favorite country critters. 🙂

IMG 0670

Tee-hee! A ride on this tiny train was oh so tempting! 

IMG 0681

My new friend says “Hello!”

IMG 0682

Couldn’t resist the photo op! 🙂

I get irresistibly giddy around critters of any variety, so we spent a good amount of time here before taking off towards the apple orchards. We did make a quick detour to check and see if any grapes were still left, even though we had unfortunately missed the season. While there weren’t many that were great for eating, they did make for lovely photos.

IMG 0711

Finally, we headed to the orchard. It was slightly disheartening as we entered the orchards to hear a man on his cell phone loudly exclaim to whomever was on the other line, “Don’t even waste your time coming to the orchard. There’s not a single apple on any of the trees!” Thankfully, he was wrong. While most the apples in the section he had been in had already fallen from the trees or started to rot, with a little bit of walking we found some perfectly ripe apples. My brother in law later informed me that there was supposed to be a nifty gizmo we should have been given to pick the apples out of the tree, but we didn’t receive said gizmo and instead opted for the natural method of plucking apples from the trees.

IMG 0762

We collected so many different varieties of apples, and I believe our total was 22.3 pounds. While we are still working on eating all those delicious apples, we did consume an entire half-gallon jug of the orchard’s own apple cider while out picking apples in the sun.

IMG 0785
IMG 0786
IMG 0777
IMG 0775

Doesn’t this look like the poison apple from Snow White somewhat? Half red, half white.
We even found what we dubbed our “poison apple tree”…

IMG 0782

I would love to come back to Boyd’s Orchard, especially when peaches are available – or strawberries, asparagus, or any other wonderful produce the orchard has growing during the year. It was an incredibly fun experience for both Mister and myself. If you are ever in Versailles, be sure to stop by!


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