LEXINGTON TRIP – Incredible Food Show


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Last Saturday ended in absolute disaster – my car breaking down in middle-of-nowhere-Kentucky a little more than an hour from home. It was a horrible experience that has led to a devastating amount of stress this week (if you’re curious, no, the car did not live to drive another day). Finally, though, I am trying to take some time to put all that out of my mind and focus on a good, solid update of just how amazing Saturday was before my breakdown fiasco. 

Mister and I were up and out of here before 6AM, hitting the interstate towards Lexington, Kentucky. Why? The INCREDIBLE FOOD SHOW!  I’d never heard of it before until my sister, a former Kentucky resident, sent me a link to the website. Mister and I took one look and knew we just had to be there. Free food? The Voltaggio brothers? More free food? Well, you had to know we couldn’t resist…

Here are a few of our highlights (and a few pictures as well!):


I  wish I had a picture for this, but sadly, I was too busy stuffing my face to remember my camera. Beer cheese is a type of cheese spread that is typically only found in Kentucky. In fact, Mister and I had never even heard of beer cheese until the Food Show. This delicious spread is slightly spicy and often found in mild, medium, and hot varieties. There were several -and I mean SEVERAL- merchants who specialized in beer cheese, but Mister and I ended up purchasing from Us Two Girls – Hop’n Pop’n Beer Cheese. These two lovely ladies came to the Incredible Food Show as guests last year and decided to try their luck as vendors this year. Their beer cheese is absolutely delightful. Mister got the hot, and I got the medium – which I may or may not be currently dipping my pretzel sticks in while I type 😉


Yes, please! Lots of wine tastings happening at the Incredible Food Show, and while we all know I’m a big wino, Mister had me beat! He sampled just about every wine that was offered at every booth. I tasted quite a few, but I was completely struck on the Lovers Leap Vineyards booth. Why? Because they were serving peach bellini – an absolute favorite of mine! Simply delicious, to say the least. But what makes it even better? They had these nifty stemless wine glasses for only $1! Be jealous.

IMG 0648

-Voltaggio Brothers-

Hilarious! That’s all I can say about this duo. They were the winners of Top Chef, which I never watched, but now I wish I had. The vegetable landscape they created on the spot was slightly wacky, but the banter between these brothers was priceless. It was very reminiscent of Mister and his brother, since they both work in a kitchen together and act eerily similar to the Voltaggios. 

IMG 0642IMG 0636



The whole reason Mister and I left at 6AM and rushed to get to Lexington was to be one of the first 300 in the door so we’d receive a ticket to the Kentucky Proud breakfast that was being presented by Students from the culinary school at Sullivan University. It meant a lot to me to be there, since before I attended college I actually toured Sullivan’s culinary school. I opted against it just being too scared to be so far from home on my own. It was a pleasure to see how much it has grown since I first saw their program. So many students now! The breakfast was simple – scrambled eggs, sausage, potatoes, and a corn muffin. The eggs though were quite delicious and new to me though because it was a combination of chicken and duck eggs.

-Vito’s and the Sausage Queen-

Vito’s Italian Sausages was my personal favorite of everything we sampled. A 100 year old recipe that advertised “NO MSG, NO NITRATES, NO PRESERVATIVES, NO FILLERS, NO GLUTEN, NO SUGAR. OR CARBS!” It was perfection. I ended up purchasing two packages of the robust sausage, and I’m wishing there was a way to have more shipped to my home. When we returned home, we cooked up some of the sausage with red and orange bell peppers, onions, mushrooms, and roma tomatoes then tossed it in some fettucini with a homemade creole butter sauce. Delicioso! Plus, we got to meet the Sausage Queen – a wonderfully fun lady with a crown of sausage. 
IMG 0605

Those are the major highlights, but here are a few more memorable Food Show moments my camera captured:
IMG 0595
IMG 0594
IMG 0597

IMG 0607
IMG 0609
IMG 0611IMG 0617

If you want a good time and some great food, I really recommend checking out the Incredible Food Show when it comes around next year!


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  1. Yes we were there. So glad you happened upon this, it’s a great time every year to sample and see some of Kentucky Proud’s best eats and drinks. Did you happen to try Honnah Lee Bubble Tea when you were there? That was my booth just curious?

  2. We are pleased that you enjoyed the Kentucky Proud Incredible Food Show! May I be allowed a shameless plug? Kentucky Proud, which is administered by the Kentucky Department of Agriculture, boasts hundreds of vendors who produce outstanding foods of all kinds – fresh fruits and vegetables, meats, artisan cheeses, sauces, salsas, wines, sweets, and much more. If you’d like to find out more, go to http://www.kyproud.com. Thanks!

  3. Nice coverage of the Incredible Food Show. I am particularly thrilled that Vito’s Italian Sausages were your personal favorite as I am married to “the Queen” and have been dubbed the “Prince of Pork”.

    Go to our web site, VITOSITALIANSAUSAGE.COM so you can find the locations to purchase Vito’s the next time you are in Kentucky. The Hog-Father has a special message for you when you are there.

    Sorry about your car.
    ~the Prince of Pork~

    • I visited the website as soon as we made it home. The recipes included on the site are wonderful as well! Looking to make the Chicago Style Pizza with my remaining package of Vito’s. We’ll definitely be purchasing more on our next visit to Kentucky. Ever considered online ordering and shipping for the sausages? I’d love to be able to get some Vito’s anytime I have the craving (which would be often…these sausages are the best!).

      • We’ve considered it but feel nobody would pay the extremely high cost to ship it… dry ice, styrofoam cooler, Fedex. I shipped 5 pounds to my sister in Virginia and the total shipping cost were around $35. Adding in the cost of the Vito’s, it’s pretty expensive, even for great Italian sausage. Maybe as we grow we can find a way to make it doable.

      • Ouch! That shipping is outrageous! My sister and brother in law are making a trip to Lexington in the next couple of weeks. I’ve already instructed them that they must bring me back a bunch of Vito’s no matter what.

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