Curiouser and Curiouser – Journal Page


IMG 0317

As I attempt to work in my journal, it becomes more and more evident how little space I possess to do the things I love most. All art/craft supplies are generally crammed on or under a fold out sewing machine cabinet. It makes doing anything in that area really restricted. I wish I could have a whole room dedicated to creating. I could have space to actually sew and not have to go on a quest to find my fabric (which right now is split up between boxes in the house and boxes in a storage building). I could organize my paints (currently tossed together in a basket). I could have tables to spread out my journal and materials (instead of how I usually sit on the bed beside the sewing machine cabinet and pray the paint won’t fall on my comforter). I could work with larger canvases ( a dream! If I tried to set up an easel in my room right now, no one would be able to get around it). It’s frustrating to be stuck in such a cramped space. My only hope is to one day have my own place with plenty of room to create and imagine.


Jenks has earned a new name : DESTROYER OF STRINGS! 

IMG 0280

She’s such a handful, love her heart. She makes it almost impossible to work with anything that dangles. It was a fit trying to get these ankle bracelets finished for Mister and myself.

IMG 0259


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