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My rut has finally hit. Combined from the exhaustion I feel after work every day and the sickness that I feel slowly creeping into my body, I’ve found myself in that “BLAH” state of mind, tired and unmotivated. I’m trying to rouse myself out of it, but nothing seems to have a lasting effect. I did try working in my journal some, but it’s taking some major effort for any inspiration to come flowing. Any suggestions for what to do when you hit your rut?

Here are a few less-than-incredible journal pages, but I feel happy that I was at least capable of producing anything while feeling like this. I even had to journal while laying in bed.



Also, you know Jenks likes to randomly make an appearance here at the blog. I couldn’t resist snapping a picture when she decided that Mister’s laundry hamper was her new favorite spot to chill. He even picked the hamper up and carried her around for awhile without a single complaint from her. So here you have it – RANDOM CREATIVE CHRONICLE CAT PIC 🙂


Of course, she’s deeply intrigued by that tiny hole in the hamper.


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  1. I understand those days of no motivation that just about paralyze you. I don’t think there is one single solution. On different down days – different things can slowly bring you out of it. A walk outside, sun on your face, a hug from someone you love, a quick check on what is lacking from nurturing body, mind and soul. I find people forget to nurture the soul whatever steps you take in doing that.

    And then there are those days where you just give yourself permission to be down until the next day. The sun always goes down and always comes up the next day.
    all the best

    • I think a whole day of activities that nurture mind, body, and soul would be an incredible pick me up. Spending a day with a good book, a comfy chair, and a hot cup of tea would be enough for me. I’m hoping for a day off here soon so I can do just that! Thank you so much for your wonderful and inspiring comment.

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