Could this day get any better? Oh yes, it Can(on)!



I couldn’t help it. I finally sprang for a DSLR camera. I’ve dreamed of owning a digital Canon Rebel since the days that I was using my 35mm Rebel. I just never really had an excuse to go out and blow a paycheck on one of these babies, but finally the time has come! I could resist no longer, and I purchased my Canon Digital Rebel T3 online last night. I waited patiently (yeah, right) for my email notification that it was available for pickup, and could barely wait to get home to test her out. It is everything I have ever dreamed it would be and an absolute joy to use. Expect some lovely photos for the blog from now on!
I knew this day was going to be a good one. Mister and I received our tickets to Rock of Ages in the mail. I received my Sookie Stackhouse companion from Amazon today. My mother treated me to “deluxe” pedicures for us both. Then finally, it came time for me to go pick up my new child – my Canon. Perfection. At least, I think it is…Jenks though, wouldn’t agree. She’s a little tired of me testing out all the new camera functions with her as my model.



About creativechronicle

I enjoy crafting with all kinds of mediums, and I also love to cook. I use my blog as a method of remembering all the creative projects I constantly have going on as well as memorable meals and personal rants. I also have a wonderful Mister who is always assisting in these projects and many adorable furbabies who pretend to help.

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