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Easy Crochet Headband w/ Flower


IMG 0578

This weekend, I will be working a booth at a local Walk for the Cure Breast Cancer Awareness walk. I’ve never been the girly-girl whose closet is filled with pink, so tonight I set out to make myself a headband that will totally have me rocking the pink Saturday. I know a lot of the basic crochet stitches but nothing too extravagant…so this entire headband (flower included) consists of only chain stitch, single crochet, double crochet, and slip stitch. I used a size I crochet hook (5.50 mm), yarn needle, Peaches & Cream pink yarn (headband), and Red Heart red yarn (flower). 

How did I do it though? By the power of Google, of course! Here are the tutorials I used.

The headband is simply made with chain stitches and single crochets:

Crochet Pattern: Absolutely Easy Ear Warmer

The flower I am especially proud of since I thought it would be far too complicated for me to ever do. WRONG! So simple, especially after following along with this video. 

How to Crochet a Easy Pretty Rose Flower

There you go! All you need to create your own beautiful (and beautifully simple!) crochet flower headband. Enjoy! I know I will! Plenty more headbands on my horizon!

IMG 0585



Fall is in the Air – Crayon Doodles Journal Page


As the weather gets colder, I feel less and less like doing anything at all. When the real cold hits, I hate to even step outside. Right now, though, is perfection. October, my favorite month, is right around the corner. It’ll be pumpkin spice everything to eat and drink, Halloween, all the wonderful decorations…what isn’t to love about it? The temperature is starting to drop here, and all I want to do is fill a mug with some hot chai, grab the nearest book, and curl up under a blanket for awhile. I did curl up under my blanket last night, but I brought along a sketchbook and some regular old crayons. I love working with crayons because I feel like a child every time I start to color.

IMG 0482


This was the first doodle to flow out of the crayons, and I decided it would go just perfect in my journal. I can already feel the warmth of a nice steamy mug of tea. Perfection! Mister saw this one and requested a crayon sketch of himself. Still focusing on the idea of “warmth”, I decided he should be wearing my favorite hoodie of his that I used to wear around on the chillier evenings. I included his silly Gilligan-style hat that he always wears during pledging, which starts next week and always happens during the most frigid weather. When thinking of warmth, I can’t help but include Smokey, his cat, who just may be the softest, fluffiest cat ever. He’s often served as a foot warmer for me, and he’s just too adorable not to snuggle with.

IMG 0486

Told you he’s too adorable not to snuggle with. 🙂

IMG 0401

Curiouser and Curiouser – Journal Page


IMG 0317

As I attempt to work in my journal, it becomes more and more evident how little space I possess to do the things I love most. All art/craft supplies are generally crammed on or under a fold out sewing machine cabinet. It makes doing anything in that area really restricted. I wish I could have a whole room dedicated to creating. I could have space to actually sew and not have to go on a quest to find my fabric (which right now is split up between boxes in the house and boxes in a storage building). I could organize my paints (currently tossed together in a basket). I could have tables to spread out my journal and materials (instead of how I usually sit on the bed beside the sewing machine cabinet and pray the paint won’t fall on my comforter). I could work with larger canvases ( a dream! If I tried to set up an easel in my room right now, no one would be able to get around it). It’s frustrating to be stuck in such a cramped space. My only hope is to one day have my own place with plenty of room to create and imagine.


Jenks has earned a new name : DESTROYER OF STRINGS! 

IMG 0280

She’s such a handful, love her heart. She makes it almost impossible to work with anything that dangles. It was a fit trying to get these ankle bracelets finished for Mister and myself.

IMG 0259

Pottery Place – Before and After


A little more than a week ago, Mister and I decided to spend a rainy Sunday afternoon hidden away in a little shop called The Pottery Place. I had a gift card that I was itching to spend and could resist no longer. The concept of the shop is simple enough – you pick out pre-made pieces of pottery, choose your paints and brushes, paint as long as you’d like, they fire the pottery in the kiln and glaze it, and a week later you pick up your very own masterpiece.

We spent nearly three hours with our pieces, and only stopped then because the shop was closing and we didn’t want to have to return the next day. The finishing touches were added in a bit of a hurry, and we both wish we’d just put our pieces on hold and returned to them so they would have been better, but we’re pretty happy with how they turned out.

Mister picked a rather friendly looking little gnome, and actually spent the majority of his time working on the beard. Here’s how it looked before the firing:

IMG 0150

…and here’s how he looked after…

IMG 0299

His eyes are rather spooky and tend to follow you. Creepy!

IMG 0288

I opted for a less creepy piece and chose the utensil caddy so I’d have something to store some painting/journalling supplies. Unsure how to decorate it, I decided on one of my favorite Shel Silverstein poems, “Invitation”, and also put a candle similar to Silverstein’s illustration on each side.

Here is my before shots of the poem and one side:

IMG 0145

IMG 0148

…and here’s the finished product from all sides. The purple side was painted a bit too thin, and you can also tell that the name side was where I rushed to finish – could have been much more decorative.

IMG 0291

IMG 0292

IMG 0294

IMG 0293

If you have a Pottery Place near you, or a business similar to it, I fully encourage spending an afternoon there with a loved one, relaxing with a paint brush in hun. You never quite know how the finished pieces will turn out, but that’s half the fun of it.

We Are…Marshall


I may be an Ohio resident, but I live mere minutes away from Marshall University. I’ve never been a fan of the university, I suppose due to the local hype. In fact, when it came time to choose a college, I literally quit taking the ACT after my second try because I was one point away from being offered a full ride scholarship. My parents enforced the belief that no matter what school offered me a full ride first, I better accept it… otherwise I could just pay for college myself. The Marshall hype was also increased when Huntington became home to the film cast and crew for the We are Marshall movie. For months, everyone was tripping over themselves to catch a glimpse of Matthew McConaughey jogging in the park or trying to get a bit part as an extra in crowd scenes. To me, it was annoying.

Annoying. I didn’t see it as such a big deal really. So what? It was just a movie.

The problem is this – Yes, We are Marshall is a movie… but it’s a movie based off a real story. It’s a story I’ve heard a million times growing up in this area. In 1970, the Marshall football team was heading back home to Huntington, WV from a game from North Carolina. The aircraft was carrying the entire football team (minus a few members who had stayed home due to injury), the coaches, fans, and airline crew. As it neared the local airport, the plane unexpectedly crashed, killing all 75 people aboard. This crash is often a topic of discussion for my parents, especially when they meet people from out of town who may have heard of the movie. They reflect on where they were at when they heard the plane had crashed. My father recalls seeing the flames from the crash and believing that the oil refinery had had an explosion. Never been to Huntington? They’ll take you on a tour of all the local landmarks seen in the film. “Here’s the theatre the boys run out of when they hear about the crash. Funny fact – in the movie when they run out and jump in the car to head towards the airport, they’re driving the wrong way. The airport is in the opposite direction!” 

When I was younger, I would often roll my eyes when I felt like I was hearing this all for the billionth time. It’s not until recently that I’ve realized why this event would be so important to my family. It’s one of those tragedies that will stick with you for the rest of your life. You may not be in any way, shape, or form connected to anyone involved, but you feel the collective grief and never forget where you were at when it happened. The Marshall plane crash to me was just another story because I could not relate. I wasn’t even alive to have those memories. To my parents, those memories will always be etched in their minds.

It is now, on the eve of September 11, that I realize the impact these horrific tragedies can have on a person. How will I ever convey to my children the horror and fear I felt when the planes crashed into the towers? To them, it may just be another story I tell a million times, something they will only be able to see through pictures and videos. They will not identify with the shared experience felt by all of America as we all struggled to comprehend what had happened to our country and what it meant for our futures. Will my children roll their eyes at me? Will they feel an annoyance at going to visit the memorial site one day?

I visited the Marshall memorial this evening with my family, making sure to bring along my camera. We’d come to see the 3,000 flags placed in the cemetery for Labor Day. While we were there, a memorial was being held for the Marshall victims. The attendees lit 75 candles for the 75 lost aboard that plane, and then placed 75 flags among the 3,000. While there, I actually took the time to consider how it must have felt to have seen the flames from the crash rising over Huntington. It’s not a big place, most people knew someone involved. My mother’s doctor was even on board the plane that evening. Tragedies happen when we least expect them, and by passing on our stories to those who weren’t there to experience it, it is ensured that those moments will never be forgotten.


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