This Week at Creative Chronicle


Finally! Things are starting to get accomplished over here. I started work on a painting for Mister’s new room (which has an adorable theme you will soon start hearing about, as quite a few projects revolve around it), but was (of course) easily distracted. I found some old clay faces I had made that were left over from making the Harlot Hanger magnets, and decided to paint one up a new way…a little more gothy. Plus, I wanted to give this girl some hair!
That yarn has more hairspray in it than I have ever used on my own. I put this lovely on the fridge, and had to giggle every time people first noticed her strangeness.

In other news, I had a delightful find at an estate sale over the weekend. I adore estate sales for the amazing deals you can get on things you can’t find anywhere else, but at the same time they are a little sad for the fact that you are sorting through the belongings of someone who has recently passed. This item was found in the house of an old lawyer, who had an adorable old-fashioned kitchen.
The best part was that I went on the next to last day of the sale, so everything was 75% off. I was not going to pass up this adorable old spice rack for $5. It’ll be the first thing to go up in Mister’s new kitchen. I can’t wait!

Speaking of Mister, I have to give him some credit, too! He started a couple new projects this weekend. He’s been teaching himself to paint recently and started this collage of things that relate to us.
Many, many more additions to be made to that, but he wanted to show off what he had so far. He’s too cute. šŸ™‚
Also, I taught him a few basic crochet stitches so that eventually he can start helping me make the granny squares. It took a little bit to catch on, but since he figured it out, he hasn’t put his crochet hook down. His first experiment was this “superhero mask” as he called it…just trying out a bunch of stitches and trying to make it look like something.
I couldn’t help but giggle. He’s really improved since then, and has even made himself one of those nifty crochet beards you always see on hats. Next stop: Granny Squares.

Jenks would now like to say hi in the CREATIVE CHRONICLE CUTE CAT PIC :
Jenks being the crafty kitty she is and totally helping out in my so-called studio/bedroom.


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