Just shoot for the stars…


Mister and I packed up the bikes and headed over to the park for a nice bike ride the other day. We totaled nearly six miles, which felt great, but I was also really pleased with my new velcro bag for my bike’s handlebars. Why, you ask? Because now I can tote my camera around on these little bike rides. It was very ideal for the park’s rose garden, especially.

The signs all said not to pick the flowers, but Mister couldn’t resist one tiny little one for me.

Also rode down to the creek to spend some time with our lovely ducky friends…

Many more photos were taken, but it’d be a pain for your pages to load if I made this entry that photo-heavy.

Anyway, time for a preview of coming attractions! …well, projects…While bored one night last week, I taught myself to make a granny square by just watching some videos on youtube. It easily became addictive. Now Mister even wants to learn how to crochet and make the granny squares (a lesson which will be taught this coming weekend!) so that we can put together all these lovely little squares into one big afghan.
So exciting! Let’s hope he catches on as easily as I did.


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