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Take a Leap, Take a Risk


I feel as if I’m hitting my mid-life crisis about 30 years too early. I suddenly don’t really have a plan for myself or what I’m going to do with my future. In the area I’m in, there’s nothing really suited to the degree I earned. In fact, now I’m actually looking at going back to school. Mister sort of inspired this thought when he wanted to check out the culinary school in this area, since he’s considering switching career tracks. Before I went to college, I desperately wanted to go to culinary school and learn to be a chef. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anyplace nearby that offered that. Until now. During the 4 years I was at college, a culinary school was opened up less than 10 minutes from my home. I started looking into the cost of everything for Mister, and it suddenly hit me that this wouldn’t be out of the question for me. I could really afford to go back and achieve my dream. Mister loves the idea of us doing this together, taking the classes and eventually working together on our own business. I truly love the thought of that, but at the same time I question my abilities in a kitchen. I know I’ve always been a good cook and people always really enjoy my food, but compared to the way Mister cooks, I hate to admit I’m mediocre. He is truly so talented in the kitchen. So here I am, stuck. Do I take the risk and start over by heading back to school? Or stay treading water trying to figure out a new direction? I’ve got some heavy thinking to do, and I’m sure my journal will be hearing the brunt of it.



(Nifty tidbit – Try using a little bit of clear coat nail polish on different elements in your journal pages. The pictures here don’t do it justice, but it creates such a neat shiny shell effect.)

β€œMan cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide


(Incomplete) Project Roundup – A Visual To-Do List


Sorry for the delay in posting! If you can believe it, we had another big storm that fried our router, modem, AND printer…AGAIN! What a headache. Fortunately, I’ve kept myself very busy with several little projects. Unfortunately, there are so many projects that splitting my time between all of them means taking longer to actually get them completed. I’ve decided to make this little visual to do list to keep myself on track (and also prove that I’m really not slacking off).

1. Archon Secret Compartment Book
I love this little wooden book/box so much, and once I found the letters and wooden sheep, I decided it would be handy dandy for Mister to have it around for his fraternity pledging. Took me forever to figure out that it actually opens near the spine and has a nifty compartment inside. Planning on attaching the sheep and letters soon and also painting some more book-like script along the spine and back.

2. Lizard Embroidery (for Salamander Room)
Mister’s new bedroom when he moves down here is going to be designed around his favorite children’s book (The Salamander Room). Yes, I have till December to get everything ready…but it’s obvious that I take forever to get anything accomplished, so for now I’m getting an early start. I want to do a few framed embroidery animal pieces, and this is just the first one.

3. Salamander Room Painting
For the same room as I mentioned before, I’m doing a painting of one of the illustrations from The Salamander Room. Kind of feeling blah about it, so putting it aside until I feel more driven to paint.

4. Picture Frame (Salamander Room)
Still tossing around ideas for this one. Want to do a really decorative matte around my favorite pic of Mister in all his childhood glory. Hope for some inspiration to strike soon.

5. Journal Pages
I was doodling around in my journal, hoping that something would come of it, and this is what flowed from my pencil. It’s still not complete, but I’m not sure where I want to go from here or how I want to color it.

6. Art Tag Tree
I ordered this lovely set of art tags off of Etsy so that Mister and I could get a start on our Christmas tree. We want to do a whole tree of tags of our own art to relate to us. So far I haven’t really had a chance to start on any of the ones I’ve had planned.

7. Granny Square Afghan
This one has been ongoing for awhile, and Mister is still learning to do the granny squares. Eventually (hopefully sooner rather than later), we’ll have a blanket.

This Week at Creative Chronicle


Finally! Things are starting to get accomplished over here. I started work on a painting for Mister’s new room (which has an adorable theme you will soon start hearing about, as quite a few projects revolve around it), but was (of course) easily distracted. I found some old clay faces I had made that were left over from making the Harlot Hanger magnets, and decided to paint one up a new way…a little more gothy. Plus, I wanted to give this girl some hair!
That yarn has more hairspray in it than I have ever used on my own. I put this lovely on the fridge, and had to giggle every time people first noticed her strangeness.

In other news, I had a delightful find at an estate sale over the weekend. I adore estate sales for the amazing deals you can get on things you can’t find anywhere else, but at the same time they are a little sad for the fact that you are sorting through the belongings of someone who has recently passed. This item was found in the house of an old lawyer, who had an adorable old-fashioned kitchen.
The best part was that I went on the next to last day of the sale, so everything was 75% off. I was not going to pass up this adorable old spice rack for $5. It’ll be the first thing to go up in Mister’s new kitchen. I can’t wait!

Speaking of Mister, I have to give him some credit, too! He started a couple new projects this weekend. He’s been teaching himself to paint recently and started this collage of things that relate to us.
Many, many more additions to be made to that, but he wanted to show off what he had so far. He’s too cute. πŸ™‚
Also, I taught him a few basic crochet stitches so that eventually he can start helping me make the granny squares. It took a little bit to catch on, but since he figured it out, he hasn’t put his crochet hook down. His first experiment was this “superhero mask” as he called it…just trying out a bunch of stitches and trying to make it look like something.
I couldn’t help but giggle. He’s really improved since then, and has even made himself one of those nifty crochet beards you always see on hats. Next stop: Granny Squares.

Jenks would now like to say hi in the CREATIVE CHRONICLE CUTE CAT PIC :
Jenks being the crafty kitty she is and totally helping out in my so-called studio/bedroom.

The Answer I’ve Been Waiting for…


In case any of you were wondering what Mister’s answer was from what I mentioned in my previous post (Journal Doodles) … The answer is…


That’s right! Mister will be moving here starting in December. We’ve got a house picked out already, so I’ve got 4 months to come up with some nifty decorating crafts for some outrageous rooms we have planned. Can’t wait to show you all of our ideas!

Journal Doodles


I’ve always been amazed at how creativity can keep a child more preoccupied than any toy. I love to see my niece play “Craftopia” as she calls it, which is really just her own set of metal drawers filled with tons of arts and craft supplies. When we were out to dinner with the family the other night, I brought along that little set of markers I got from Borders I mentioned earlier, and told her we could each have a page in my journal to doodle. Having just seen the Winnie the Pooh movie, she decided Tigger would be the best addition to my journal. However, she didn’t want to add his tail because she “liked it the way it was”…and I’m just fine with that. πŸ˜‰ (She’s five, by the way…)


After I got home, I started doing some doodling of my own. Unfortunately, Mister and I have both been under a ton of stress lately. Just a couple months ago, I was ready to pack up all my things and move to be closer to him. The situation changed though, and I started making more money here and was able to put more back into savings. He was still an hour away though barely scraping by on what he was making and running into several snags. The option arose for him to move here – where he’d be able to make more and have to spend less. We both agree that it’s the best option we have, but he’d be leaving behind a whole lot to move as well. He’s taken a lot of time to think about it…and within 24 hours now, I should have his final answer. You can’t imagine how nervous I am though. All I can do is keep hoping and praying for that yes answer. Then, we can really make a good start together. All that I could ever want would be right here with me.