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Bargains, Birthdays, and Bragging Rights!


It’s been a jumbled mess over here at the Creative Chronicle homestead. Let’s just say there are multiple projects that are currently works in progress. I like having a lot on my plate, but I feel better when I can start checking the completed items off my list. Hopefully, that will start happening soon…then I can share them all with you.

There are a few things I would like to share with you though. First and foremost, my crafty bargains that I’m super pumped about. Unfortunately, our local Borders, like all other Borders across the country, is being shut down. I was at a loss (until it was reported Books-a-Million would be moving into the space shortly thereafter). There is one upside from the shut down though, markdowns! Unfortunately, there weren’t very many worthwhile deals while I was there, since they were attempting to drag out their stay till at least September and so better bargains will happen then. One thing I was very excited about though was 40% off magazines. I’ve always enjoyed going to bookstores and looking at any of the Stampington publications. I say “looking” because unfortunately I can’t normally blow $15 on a magazine. At 40% off though? I decided to treat myself to Art Journal and Somerset Life. Additionally I picked up a bargain book on paper crafting that had even more marked down than the $1.99 pricetag, and I picked up a set of 70 mini fibre pen markers (perfect for journaling on the go) for less than $5.


After Borders, I couldn’t resist the massive banners proclaiming the sale at Michael’s, so I popped right in and out for less than $10. What a steal! Two sets of alphabet stamps, two ink pads, 3 blank canvas panels, some nifty new yarn, and new knitting needles! Huzzah!


Moving on…this past weekend was my sister’s birthday. Remember in Easy Apron how I said I had picked up two of those preprinted pattern aprons? The rooster apron was perfect for my sister since it matches the decorations in her kitchen. I fired up the sewing machine, and here were the results:


Not too bad for a quick birthday present fix. Now what about those bragging rights, you ask? What in the world should I be bragging about? Well, you had to know it had something to do with Mister, right? He’s the sweetest, and I just have to brag on him a little. He got ahold of my journal this week while I was at work and left me something heartwarming to read.


If you can read his chickenscratch, you know I have every reason to brag on him. He’s quite the romantic. 🙂

Time to get back to the grindstone though. Several projects coming up soon!


Introspection and Release


I highly recommend finding something, whatever it may be, within your life that truly unlocks your mind and frees you mentally to rediscover yourself. Discover new sensations and the ability to connect nature with self. When the two meet, it is a glorious peace that overtakes your body. Whatever it takes for you to reach this state, you will delight in the journey. Record your discoveries.


Remnants of a Tea Party


Since Mister and I have been together, we’ve gone so many interesting places and seen so many scenes that would make for beautiful photos. Usually though, I only have either my cell phone camera or tiny digital cam handy, and never get to accurately capture the shots. I dream of eventually getting a nice sturdy digital with a higher megapixel and better zoom capabilities, but for now I’ve started taking my mother’s little Sony out on Mister and my journeys.

For his birthday weekend, we spent the entire weekend relaxing together in his neck of the woods. Once the festivities were over, we spent a couple nice days out at the rope swings with family and friends, dangling out over creek water of unknown depth and plunging in with the fishes. Dangerous…reckless…something that would have had my mother in fits of worry had she known what I was doing…and absolutely DELIGHTFUL.



Once I was out of the water, I took to wandering around (as usual when I get out in a new place). I walked through the trees near the bank and out into the woods. Eventually, I spotted a curious little item buried in the sandy dirt. An old teacup! As if someone had stopped by the side of this shady path and decided to have their afternoon tea with a view of the creek. Lovely!


No telling how long this little cup had been buried there or the story of its tea party, but it does stir a desire in me for my own little tea party. I almost picked the cup up to bring it home since it had charmed me so much, but I discovered that the forest insects had made a home of it so I let it be.


Driving home with happiness in my heart, I put the camera out the window for one fleeting shot of the lake our creek was running in to as we went by. Calm. Peaceful. The perfect weekend with my love.


All You Need is Love



It’s funny to look back on it now. Mister and I met in the fall of 2008, but only recently ended up together. Back then, he says he used to tell one of his frat brothers that if he ever had a chance to date me, he was going to marry me. It’s funny because at the same time, despite being in a relationship already, I told every girl who pledged my sorority on the night that they would meet him as part of a little brother activity that I would kill to have a chance with him. They all laugh about it now since they all knew how crazy I was for him. I figured I’d never have a shot, and he thought the same (for some crazy reason, I’m sure) about me. We both made our way through some failing relationships until eventually we found each other, and he certainly is making good on his statement to his frat brother.
It wasn’t very long that we were together before he told me that he wanted to spend his life with me, and to me it makes perfect sense. I have never been as happy as I am with him. We are a perfect match for each other. Our families and friends have known it since they first saw it together, and they have all been encouraging a wedding in the near future (not as near as some may like though – some family members have even encouraged running off and getting hitched immediately!). I used to not be able to picture myself getting married, couldn’t visualize it at all or even what I would want it to be like. Now, that’s changed. Mister and I make little wedding plans all the time when an idea strikes us for something creative and original. Piece by piece a hippie barefoot wedding is coming together, and a ring isn’t even on my finger yet. It’s not intimidating to either of us, since we know that no one could ever love either of us more than what we feel for each other. I honestly can’t see myself ever living without him. All we need is each other.


It’s Magic! (Harry Potter style)


Nothing could be more fun than absolutely geeking out with my love. A few weeks ago, Mister and I were sitting at the kitchen table with a little more than a pound of oven bake clay before us waiting to be formed into nifty creations. It was Mister who had the idea first – in honor of our geeky obsession with Harry Potter, we were going to craft some wands!


Mister ended up crafting two wands, the one with the serpent wrapped around the top and the claw holding the orb. He also made that adorable little rose for me. Mine of course was decorated with mushrooms and a vine wrapping around it.


As soon as they finished baking, we set to painting them. I liked a darker wood color to set off the very nature-like decorations atop my wand.


Mister opted for lighter wood tones, and I especially like the way his claw wand turned out.


Once the paint had dried, we were casting spells all around the kitchen (of course we followed the proper directions for a duel…and only a few Unforgivable Curses were cast). It was a giddy fun time being dorks, but the fun didn’t end there. We also created a few other clay creations.

Mister’s grapes 🙂

My panda bear 🙂

Our whole lot of creations