A Dark and Stormy Dinner



The hiatus over the last week was not by choice, but rather by the consequences of lightning striking the transformer next to my house. I had just put my journal on the cat perch to let some gesso dry, when I took that picture while watching the storm. It wasn’t even five minutes after that that the lightning struck. I watched as my surge protector that connected my iMac desktop, Wii, and television went up in blue sparks, nearly catching the curtains on fire. We were in total darkness.

About two hours before, I’d decided to roast a whole chicken in a beautiful curry rub with some chunky tomatoes and onions. It had looked so pretty.

I kept my fingers crossed that it had cooked through completely. I was thrilled to discover that it had cooked up perfectly, and I would at least have a delicious meal of curried chicken even though the power was out.

It was then that I realized that I had no way to cook my rice in the house. My rice cooker would be absolutely useless without any power. I had to take a less convenient method…the grill.

It took FOREVER to boil…especially when dad wanted me to fix a pot of corn on the cob as well. Well, daddy and Jenks had to wait anxiously for awhile inside the now overly warm house.

Eventually though, the meal was able to come together. I can’t even explain how good that curried chicken tasted with the tomatoes and onions over rice. Simply delicious.

….Even if we did have to eat by a modern candlelight….

We were without power for a few days, and luckily nothing on my surge protector got fried. We weren’t so lucky elsewhere in the house. We lost the modem and router (why I haven’t been able to post), my mother’s iMac and printer, and our kitchen tv. It could have been a lot worse. I’m just happy to be back now.


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