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A Dark and Stormy Dinner



The hiatus over the last week was not by choice, but rather by the consequences of lightning striking the transformer next to my house. I had just put my journal on the cat perch to let some gesso dry, when I took that picture while watching the storm. It wasn’t even five minutes after that that the lightning struck. I watched as my surge protector that connected my iMac desktop, Wii, and television went up in blue sparks, nearly catching the curtains on fire. We were in total darkness.

About two hours before, I’d decided to roast a whole chicken in a beautiful curry rub with some chunky tomatoes and onions. It had looked so pretty.

I kept my fingers crossed that it had cooked through completely. I was thrilled to discover that it had cooked up perfectly, and I would at least have a delicious meal of curried chicken even though the power was out.

It was then that I realized that I had no way to cook my rice in the house. My rice cooker would be absolutely useless without any power. I had to take a less convenient method…the grill.

It took FOREVER to boil…especially when dad wanted me to fix a pot of corn on the cob as well. Well, daddy and Jenks had to wait anxiously for awhile inside the now overly warm house.

Eventually though, the meal was able to come together. I can’t even explain how good that curried chicken tasted with the tomatoes and onions over rice. Simply delicious.

….Even if we did have to eat by a modern candlelight….

We were without power for a few days, and luckily nothing on my surge protector got fried. We weren’t so lucky elsewhere in the house. We lost the modem and router (why I haven’t been able to post), my mother’s iMac and printer, and our kitchen tv. It could have been a lot worse. I’m just happy to be back now.


Easy Apron


My favorite sewing machine hasn’t been running properly in about a year, and I was finally to the point that I wanted to find someone who could fix it. I decided instead to give one last ditch effort at getting this baby up and running right. After some MUCH needed cleaning and a little tweaking, my little Singer was back in business.

To make sure that it wasn’t just a momentary fix, I wanted a quick project to test the machine out. Digging through my drawers, I found just the thing. A few months ago, a nearby Walmart was phasing out their fabric department in favor of a party supply department (sadface, for sure). The only plus to this event was a massive markdown on all kinds of fabrics and craft projects. I found this apron project that had the pattern pieces preprinted onto the fabric and fell in love, especially when the price rang up $3. I ended up grabbing two, the rose one for myself and a rooster apron to make for my sister’s upcoming birthday (should probably get started on this!). These projects have just sat around untouched though due to both of my sewing machines not being functional…until now.


I was so happy with the way it turned out. I’m a sucker for pretty aprons, and I’m happy to add this one to my collection. I highly recommend the preprinted sewing projects for an easy afternoon craft!

Also…super cute cat picture to share… 🙂
Jenks in her adorable bonnet. Prettiest cat I know, even if she’s incredibly displeased at the moment.


Hippie Tie Dye Adventure


Mister and I have been itching to try out tie dying some clothing, and for it being the first time for both of us, I think it turned out nicely. After about ten minutes of watching youtube videos for instructions on how to tie dye and a quick trip to a dollar store for the rubber bands I forgot, we felt totally prepared to get our tie dye on.

Here’s Mister demonstrating the most important thing to remember while tie dying – always wear gloves!


We did three shirts total…a tshirt for each of us and then I also wanted a tank top. The tshirts were done in a spiral pattern, and the tank top I just twisted and made a few random banded areas.


Our first color going on…we wanted to do two colors – yellow & black – for his fraternity (which I’m a lil sis to).


Two colors! Here you can see the difference in how we spiraled ours. He colored each section of the wheel differently while I grouped my sections by twos (which made his have multiple spirals and mine have a larger one).


The final product after the first rinse! (Will definitely let them dry longer next time since we put them in the washer right after this picture and a lot of the color faded)


Finished tank top! Obviously we spent the time in the pool waiting for the shirts to dry some.


Looking forward to tie dying again real soon…and this time having the patience to wait for them to dry longer.

Sun and Moon


I spent a glorious afternoon last week outside by the pool with my niece, molding different bits of clay. I originally had set out to accomplish part of a large project for my Mister (which is nearly done and will be posted to the blog soon!) that involved the clay, but spent more time playing than working – which to me is perfectly acceptable. My niece made a few “dolls” out of the clay and then shaped some letters, but while playing around, I shaped something I rather enjoyed and decided to bake it and turn it into a small wall hanging that matches Mister’s lounge room. He was thrilled. 🙂



Unforgettable Fried Chicken


This past Saturday, my lovely mister and I decided to make some fried chicken for ourselves and my family. I must say, he has shared a secret to the best breading I have ever tasted, and I feel the need to share it with you. It’s so deliciously simple too.

Equal parts flour and cornmeal
A couple table spoons Old Bay
-Here’s the secret- Instead of just dipping it in the egg wash, then the dry mix, then frying — DOUBLE DIP! Return it to the egg wash and then the dry mix for another coating.


I adore frying in cast iron. Can’t get enough of it.

I also suggest stuffing your chicken with delicious goodies. He butterflied this piece open and tossed in some pepperjack cheese before frying.


We wound up with a huge plate of yumminess. Absolutely delicious!


I wish I had taken a picture of the Memorial Day meal we made. We bought some mini party buns and made tiny burgers (that really weren’t tiny at all) that were stuffed with either cheddar and bacon or mushroom and swiss. Unfortunately, by the time we finished grilling, I was so hungry that I forgot to snap any pictures.