Monthly Archives: May 2011

Octopus’s Garden


A quick entry to test out my watercolor pencils and waterbrush….epic fail. Didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it to, and the markers barely saved it. Oh well, it was just some bored-doodling while listening to some Beatles, so I’m fine with it.



I’m baaaack!


My….it has been awhile. I took a little time off from the blogosphere to collect myself and have some personal time. I’ve now gone through graduation, a lovely vacation, and also found true happiness (perhaps the greatest accomplishment). I am feeling very solid where I stand in life. I’ve regained a sense of creativity and motivation, so hopefully this will be a summer full of projects.

I know I left you all dangling just as I was getting ready to finish my final project for the intro painting class. It was quite a fun semester, and I’ll share with you now some of the paintings I was able to do. Be warned, painting is not my strong suit. In fact, the only one I am truly happy with is the Zombie Katy graphic novel piece. It’s sentimental to me, and now it hangs above my bed at home…for how much longer though, I don’t know…as that’s my next big step, a big move out on my own. So much excitement coming soon. 🙂