Two New Entries


I feel productive again at last! Going to let you have a look at the two newest entries to my journal.

I’ve finally regained my confidence, and I am feeling fantastic about myself, despite those that have tried to pull me down. I feel really in control, and damn, does it feel GOOD. Time for me to have a little fun.


While I don’t normally like “new” music, I should have really included Rihanna’s “S & M” to this songlist. It was playing at a party thrown for the other girls who pledged lil sis and myself, and I am really digging it. It’s just a hot song.
— I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it —

Feeling like one hot chickadee aside, I also wanted to include my notes from Creative Journal the other day. These were taken down during watching Amy Tan speaking about creativity on TED Talks and during the discussion the class had following the video. Very interesting insight. Be sure to watch it here.



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  1. I LOVE Amy Tan. And “s&m” is a fanfuckintastic song. Rihanna is a great example of a woman who literally was beaten down and rose above it. Follow her lead 🙂

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