Pittsburgh Sketches


No big full page spreads in the journal this time around. I need a lot of blank space for recording my thoughts and observations from the trip. Presenting at the convention wasn’t as nerve racking as I thought it would be. I knew my paper would be terrible in comparison the the rest of my panel, so I just went with it, got it over with, and left. The convention did have a few high points for me, and it presented me with quite a few ideas to consider, but I enjoyed the exploration of Pittsburgh far more. While I’d been told that Pittsburgh was dirty and full of crime, I didn’t expect to be a witness for the police when an incident occurred in a Chinese restaurant the very first day of the conference. Other than that, the museums were my highlights. Carnegie was so exciting to me, although most of it I’d seen before or something similar to it in the Museum of Natural History in NYC. The art and sculpture aspects of Carnegie though were awe inspiring, and I’m still marveling at Winged Victory, although it’s obviously not the original that’s on display at the Louvre. The Andy Warhol museum was interesting. Warhol has never been a favorite of mine, but I liked getting new insight on his work and also a tiny glimpse of his time capsules. Anyway, I’m off to go fill in all the blank space of my journal with the details of the trip…it feels so good to be home.



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