More Zombie Fun


First and foremost, Jenks would like to say, “Hai!”


Now, cute cat picture aside, it’s on to more art journaling.

Last night I was working on how to combine my life experiences with how I want to work to promote libraries in the future. I still believe that this big monster madness trend is prime pickings for opportunities to get people involved. Vampires and werewolves are overdone, so why not zombies? For instance, I once participated in a “Zombie Walk” while performing in Rocky Horror Picture Show. Cast and audience members were treated to theatrical zombie makeup and then paraded down the street from the coffee shop to the theatre. Why not adapt a zombie walk to a library? Especially in a big college town where a theatre department could lend a help with makeup and “blood showers”. Lead discussion of Pride & Prejudice versus Pride & Prejudice & Zombies? Pretty sure there are also plenty of films based on zombie lit, too. So getting lost in all this daydreaming, I started doodling….


Fun stuff 🙂 Here’s a fun flashback to the one and only zombie walk I participated in…oh so many years ago…lol



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