Scream it Out


In Creative Journal this week, we were introduced to a video compilation from the New York Times entitled “14 Actors Acting”. Basically, it’s relatively well known actors and actresses portraying fourteen screen types with awe inspiring emotion. Check it out for yourself here:

We were shown it in hopes that it would inspire something theatrical within our journals, being that Creative Journal is technically a theatre class that I have taken for fun. I only wish I could return for one more semester since I have talked him into gearing it towards the English majors I have talked into taking the class. Anyway, watching the videos didn’t exactly inspire anything theatrical for me, but it was perhaps because some of the emotion was so realistic. Chloe Moretz gives the most convincing roar of frustration and anger…and here I was wanting to do the exact same thing. I have let my emotions get the better of me lately after being lied to multiple times, each time getting worse than the last. I’m sick of this frustration. The ship is sinking, and I’m jumping the hell off.

Unfortunately the sketch looks nothing like Chloe and can’t capture that overwhelming emotion she shows in the video, but at least it gives a good indication as to how I’m feeling at the moment. For those wondering, “Save yourself from all the lies of the beautiful people…” comes from the newly released single from Sixx: A.M. “Lies of the Beautiful People”…and seemed relatively appropriate for what I’ve endured.



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