2 entries in one day!


Being horribly sick lately has lead to a little bit more productivity with my journal. Two pages in one day, in fact! Very excited about this. At least I’ve accomplished something, even if I haven’t left the bed.

As for the first, it was spawned from a correspondence with a guy that I dated when I was only 14. We’ve been catching up, discussing current interests and hobbies, and such. He was always a huge comic book nerd and dreamed of one day being just like Spiderman. Haha! He was just a genuinely good guy like that. We were young though, and after a year together, we split to go on growing up. Anyway, we were discussing comic book characters, movie adaptations, and all that…and I got on the topic of how I’ve always really enjoyed the Harley Quinn character since she first appeared on the animated series of Batman when I was a kid. Jokingly, his reply included the following quote, which hilariously yet honestly described my relationships since then and probably accurate description of my mental state. Hah! Oh, dear.


The other page came from an excitement to experiment. I discovered in an art supply box I had beside the bed TWO unopened packages of pastels, the basic chalk and also oil. Giddy, giddy me!


Fair warning…using these while in bed is not the ideal location. Let’s just say one pillow turned technicolor from pastel dust. Required a bit of scrubbing. I don’t recommend this! tee-hee. I do, however, fully endorse playing with the pastels. I love the way the chalky ones blend into the background.


The details were then added with the oil pastels. Less fun, but I do enjoy the colors it creates.


Most likely I will be using these pages as a way of recording some inspiration I’ve found in my Creative Journal class. It’s given me quite a bit of hope for a creative revolution in the world instead of a dull, monotonous existence.


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