Marinate that meat!


I can’t preach enough to family and friends about the difference a good marinade makes to any meat. Not only does it tenderize, it adds flavor! Marinating can be miraculous, especially the more patient you can be. While a few hours is great, marinating anything overnight makes the difference. That’s what I did with the following meal in which both steak and shrimp sat in different marinades in the fridge overnight.

My steak marinade was a combination of oil, apple juice, garlic, apple cider vinegar, a smidge of brown sugar, and other seasonings. I know what you’re thinking – apple juice? Yes! I typically put any steak in fruit juice to marinate. Most often I use orange juice, but I decided to switch it up this time. You don’t get a lot of the juice flavor, but citrus really helps break down the tougher parts of the meat. Of course with steak, you MUST have potatoes…so I also made garlic cheddar mashed potatoes.


The real winner though? THE SHRIMP! yum yum yummy! I marinated the shrimp in a bowl containing garlic, minced onion, diced roasted sweet red peppers. I then added some smokey flavors like paprika, cumin, and cayenne. My sweetness came from the liquid used — pineapple juice! After letting them soak up all the flavors overnight, I sauteed the shrimp in my skillet. Last minute, I had a stroke of genius and tossed in some thin spaghetti with the leftover marinade. It made the most delicious sauce… I will definitely be making this again. It even LOOKS pretty. Tastes even better than it looks though 😉



About creativechronicle

I enjoy crafting with all kinds of mediums, and I also love to cook. I use my blog as a method of remembering all the creative projects I constantly have going on as well as memorable meals and personal rants. I also have a wonderful Mister who is always assisting in these projects and many adorable furbabies who pretend to help.

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