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Lovely Little Owl Brooch


Tonight I took a time out from my senior project (one can only look at so many post-it notes), to put together this little beauty. I’d seen so many adorable little owl brooches on etsy and other blogs, but I couldn’t find one that combined all the little elements and details that I liked. When I happened upon a good sized package of felt and some tye dyed cotton, I couldn’t resist trying to put together my own little owl brooch the way I wanted it to look. There are several layers to this cutie, but she didn’t take too long to put together. It was a much needed mental break for me. I wish you could see the tye dye element to her belly, but I guess that’s what I get for only taking pictures with an iPod. I’m very excited by this little project, and I plan on making a few sisters for my little owl friend. I love the idea of bright colored brooches!



It’s a start…


Well, the panicking is over. Monday, I had to just suck it up. As much as I thought I would be eagerly anticipating it, by the time 12:30 rolled around I was filled with dread. I’ve never in my life had an art class. Never. Never even touched oil paints, except for the one time Dad’s oils got mixed in with my acrylics. I used one by accident, and it was a positively terrible smeared mess. I’ve avoided them ever since, but there was no avoiding it Monday. The day had finally come where I would have to do an oil painting. In fact, I have to do an entire semester of all oils because I’m the genius that decided to get out of my comfort zone and take a painting class so I could say at least I had tried to learn.

So what do I think now? Well, it wasn’t THAT bad. I was having mini-panic attacks the entire time though, since for our first project he wanted us to paint everything at once and have a finished project by the end of class, instead of waiting for each layer to dry and building on it. Oh, I really don’t like that. I was throwing paint everywhere trying to get it done within the allowed time, couldn’t get the colors I wanted, and kept having to fix smears. Finally, class was over and I could breathe a small, satisfied sigh of relief.

Is it good? No. Is it the best I could have done within the time? Eh, maybe. Is it the best I could have done for never in my life having an art class/working with oils? YES. Am I content? Double yes.


Shouldn’t crayons make everything better?


I’m starting to think I will carry a pack of crayons with me from now on. While they don’t make everything better, they did help me relax as I put together this small base for a journal entry that would have me ready to burst out in tears. Crayons can’t fix that, but at least they’ll make me smile a little…

Tonight’s entry focused on a blindness to betrayal. Without getting into the personal reasons why, it had such a heavy impact on me. After discovering some information tonight, I actually questioned myself. I’d always believed that I was the type of person that would never let anything get past me. I’d just know, wouldn’t I? Apparently, I’ve been blind. I’ve “trusted too easily”.

It sends your world upside down, doesn’t it? Shakes you so deeply that you want to get sick, and you just want to pull the covers up over your eyes again and pretend you never saw what disturbed you.


I will recover. A little crayon therapy helps 🙂 It’s good to still feel some of that childhood innocence when the big girl world comes crashing down.

This couldn’t get more random…


My brain is a little addled with all the work, stress, pressure, etc. I am under at the moment, so I doubt this post will be very cohesive at all.

First and foremost, I want to do a plug for the absolute love of my internet life: Etsy. Seriously, if you have not been to the site before, stop reading this and click the link! An entire website where users sell their handmade or vintage goods. What could be better than that? I literally spend hours every week building up my list of favorites and crying when I see that my bank account has inadequate funds to feed my etsy addiction. I don’t currently have an etsy shop of my own, but I’m sure there’s one on the horizon. While I’ve purchased several items including handmade jewelry and books, my latest purchase is just making me absolutely giddy. Check it out.


Nerdy Snow White = Amazing. This is even more amazing due to the fact that, by the end of this semester, I will have spent an entire year working with the Snow White character as part of my Senior Project/Paper/Thesis…whatever you would like to call it. I am, in fact, a supreme Snow White nerd. I scored this sweet decal from the folks at Vinylstudio.

Anyhow, I also wanted to share with you an amazing (and quick!) meal I threw together last night. I defrosted some chicken and Italian sausage we had kept in the freezer, and sauteed them together in a pan while tossing some penne pasta in boiling water.
My sauce consisted of the following:
2 cloves garlic
1/2 yellow onion
3 or 4 sun dried tomatoes
–sautee those together in just a tablespoon of EVOO at the bottom of your saucepan-
1 can of diced tomatoes — let these sweat for a few minutes with your garlic, onion, and sun dried tomatoes
1 Tbsp. Italian seasoning
1 tsp. cajun seasoning
I like to add a few extra shakes of oregano here…

Pour in 1 pint of heavy cream
1/2 stick of butter
(because what could be better than cream AND butter)
1 Tbsp. of flour
Stir together and bring to a boil then let simmer…

When your chicken and sausage is done and you have drained your pasta, toss it all together and mix in the sauce….

Chicken and Sausage Penne in Sun Dried Tomato Alfredo


Last, I just wanted to share with you the thing that made me smile today. When I walked into ValueCity Furniture, sitting on a bar directly in front of the door was this giant glittery lizard. I couldn’t help but laugh! It’s so unique it makes me want one, but I certainly won’t be shelling out the $129.99 for it, although they did have quite a few miniature versions for $4.99. Tell me this doesn’t make you giggle…


Snake Child


This journal base didn’t turn out nearly as good as I wanted it to. Perhaps it was the lack of sleep and mounds of frustration piling up on me, but I’m just unsatisfied with it. Alas, I will post it anyways, so I can at least feel like I have done something.

I have felt a disconnect within myself lately, and I needed a subtle reminder of the strength and confidence I usually possess. I’m not one who pours over her horoscope daily, but I have always been intrigued by the Chinese zodiac. My sign, the snake (earth snake, to be exact), is so befitting of me I should be its poster child. It’s shocking how it has nailed down each of my qualities. I am the organized snake child that approaches situations logically and will stop at nothing to accomplish the goals I set. I get what I want, no matter what. Even the negative qualities, I’m sad to say, describe me.


Even the picture quality is terrible. Blah. I will do better next time, promise.

The snake is my totem. It reminds me of who I am, and how I can accomplish whatever I want, even though right now all the uncertainty I’m facing is weighing down on me.


Hopefully some of the snake’s creativity will hit me soon. I hate being in a funk like this.