What’s for dinner?


While I do plan on updating soon with pictures of last minute Christmas present projects for Mister Fuzzy, I decided tonight would be a good opportunity to share some creativity of the edible variety.

Inspiration struck me earlier this week while watching a cook on television talk about biscuits she serves at her restaurant that contain spinach and brie cheese. Brie isn’t commonly found at the grocery stores in this area, so although I thought the idea was nifty, I didn’t anticipate recreating it. That is, until our office Christmas party took place at none other than Red Lobster – home of those delicious cheddar biscuits that I often smuggle out in my purse just so I can ask for more and take them home. It hit me then! Why not do cheddar and spinach? It sounded like such a delightful combination.

I decided to experiment with it. Unfortunately for you, I never do exact measurements when I cook, but I must have used something like this:
4 c. bisquick
1 c. milk
1/2 c. melted butter
a couple heaping handfuls of sharp cheddar
1/3 package of frozen spinach (I believe it was Green Giant)

When I put the dough onto the baking sheet, I topped the balls with a sprinkle of garlic salt.

The result was miraculous (and tasty!)!  Scrumptious biscuits! I will definitely be experimenting with these again.

I then went on to make a hodgepodge of foods from various ethnic backgrounds, but they tasted so wonderful together. Mister Fuzzy and I thoroughly enjoyed it, and it was adorable getting him to help me in the kitchen.

Other than the delicious biscuits, we made a spring greens salad with feta, sliced tomatoes, and we ended up topping it with a ginger dressing (not pictured).

I am rather fond of flat iron steak and its versatility in dishes. I wish I’d been able to give it longer to marinate, but our tummies were rumbling and we just couldn’t wait any longer. It still came out nice and tender, and I could have eaten it whole like this…

…but instead, I made white rice and then stir fried some veggies (including those leftover from a few festive holiday veggie trays) to serve as a bed for thinly sliced strips of the steak.

It was an absolutely lovely dinner with such a wide variety of flavors. I could definitely go for seconds right now! Share a dinner like this with someone you love tonight!


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