To new beginnings…


I have always been the type to feel incomplete without some big project looming overhead…and by “some big project”, I mean several large projects going on at the same time. I’ve made clothing, dolls, strange knick knacks, even repurposed furniture, and painted every surface I could put a paintbrush to. I feel best when I’m creating, when I can feel how limitless the possibilities are. In the past, I have felt mediocre with completed projects, and I’m aiming for growth and development by starting this blog. From here on out, I wish to chronicle the projects (large & small) that I begin in my sometimes-hectic-always-stressful life.

One thing that has remained constant in my experimentations into the creative has been journaling. It’s a passion to not only write but to create visual elements within the text to wholly express myself. Recently, I’ve closed the book on several aspects of my life. I’m ready for a fresh start and new beginnings.


It’s time to shake things up. Yes, I dare disturb the universe. I shall sing stories across these pages held by my owl-muse. I will make a change, and grow, and most of all…evolve…



About creativechronicle

I enjoy crafting with all kinds of mediums, and I also love to cook. I use my blog as a method of remembering all the creative projects I constantly have going on as well as memorable meals and personal rants. I also have a wonderful Mister who is always assisting in these projects and many adorable furbabies who pretend to help.

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